At this year's Leibniz Economic Summit, SAFE Director pleads for the growth potential of European markets to be used to counter the economic slump

Researchers conducted a globally representative survey and showed broad support for climate protection for the first time / However, the willingness of others to do something about climate protection is systematically underestimated

Collaborative efforts in sustainable finance with policymakers and practitioners from both parties

Loriana Pelizzon and co-authors receive Best Paper Award for contribution to a top journal on better functioning of financial markets

Research institutions aim for comprehensive cooperation and joint representation of interests in the political arena / Science festival planned in Frankfurt in September

SAFE Director sees the European Central Bank’s (ECB) latest monetary policy decision as a signal not to be driven by market expectations

The project aims to investigate the influence of (mis)perceptions and stereotypes in investment advice

Experts from the German central bank shed light on the challenges of rising interest rates for the German financial system in a SAFE Policy Web Seminar

SAFE experiment on GPT shows that artificial intelligence has more optimistic expectations of cooperation with humans


UniCredit Foundation enables Top-Up Fellowships for outstanding junior researchers