Supervision of large banking networks by the European Central Bank could increase transparency and stability of deposit insurance

Extensive aid programs for companies during the COVID-19 pandemic also saved firms whose survival was not socially desirable

Past experience shows that Russia can financially absorb significant losses from oil and gas revenues

Christine Laudenbach takes up a professorship for Household Finance at SAFE

In the common interest of the EU, bank resolution decisions should lie entirely with European institutions, a SAFE Working Paper shows

SAFE Director sees the European Central Bank’s (ECB) current monetary policy decision as a necessary restraint given the difficult economic situation

Russia’s SWIFT exclusion could be expanded by a block on correspondent banking relations and a complete ban on exports and imports

In a SAFE-CFS Policy Lecture, economist Ludger Schuknecht warned of the high debt levels worldwide that can hardly be financed even with optimistic forecasts

Publication “Points” appears in printed as well as web-optimized form

At the Leibniz Economic Summit 2022, the directors of the Leibniz economic research institutes discussed the ecological transformation of the economy – and its costs