Newsletter "SAFE Update"

Introducing SAFE Update: Your Source for Financial Research Insights

Launched in June 2021, SAFE Update is a bimonthly digital newsletter offering selected news from the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE in four main sections:

  1. Research and Policy Focus: Dive into analyses on significant research and policy matters.
  2. Notable Research: Stay informed with highlights of impactful research in finance, law, and political science.
  3. Outlook and Events Review: Gain insight with a forward-looking outlook and a comprehensive review of recent events.
  4. Expert Recommendations: Explore carefully selected reading, listening, or viewing suggestions from SAFE's Senior Researchers.

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Who Should Subscribe?

Tailored for researchers in economics, law, and political science, SAFE Update is also a valuable resource for readers interested in the practical applications of financial research. Find the registration form here. To contact the editorial team, click here.