Who can visit?

Eligible participants are academic researchers whose interests relate to one of the research departments of SAFE. The program is meant for researchers at different stages in their career.

Visitors I ("Senior Visitors")

Visitors I are usually experienced researchers with a strong reputation. The main purpose of their visit is to disseminate new research methods and results of recent, path breaking, research. They teach a PhD-level mini-course (9 academic hours in total) on such methods and findings, to be attended by graduate students, interested faculty, and outside researchers. Visitors I also offer either a public lecture open to financial practitioners and researchers in the Frankfurt area, or a research seminar. Finally, they are expected to discuss or otherwise interact with students and interested faculty on research topics of mutual interest.

Preferable length of stay is two weeks (with a minimum stay of 5 working days).

Visitors II ("Junior Visitors")

Visitors II are junior or experienced researchers who visit in order to exchange and interact with SAFE researchers, e.g. in order to work on or explore a joint research cooperation. They are not obliged to teach a graduate mini-course but they are invited to give a research seminar or a public lecture and expected to interact with their host and further interested researchers.

The length of these visits is flexible, and needs to be agreed upon, in consideration of space and resource needs.

Details of the time schedule and duration of the visit need to be agreed upon with the respective host.

Please note that the program is not designed as a program for students. Participants are required to have completed a doctoral degree or equivalent in Economics, Finance, Law or a related field.