Policy Lectures and Web Seminars

Audience at a lecture by Raghuram Rajan

The SAFE Policy Center regularly invites outstanding policy makers and policy experts to give a public lecture at the location of the institute. The Policy Lecture and Web Seminar series aims at fostering debates on topical issues. Registration for event invitations is possible here. Details on upcoming events can be found here.

Reviews and videos of past events

The role play of religion and markets
SAFE Policy Web Seminar with Benjamin Friedman

Facing crises flexibly instead of withstanding them
SAFE-CFS Policy Web Seminar with Markus Brunnermeier

What’s left for monetary policy
Academic Colloquium "Money and Prices: A Permanent Puzzle" with Otmar Issing

Central Bank Digital Currency can pay off
SAFE Policy Web Panel with Markus Brunnermeier and Benoît Cœuré

Banks might not be sufficiently prepared to deal with non-performing loans after COVID-19
SAFE-CEPR Policy Web Seminar with Loriana Pelizzon, Andrea Enria, and Thorsten Beck

Women in boardrooms stand out from the average
SAFE Policy Web Seminar with Renée B. Adams

Tax compliance depends on the exchange of information
SAFE-IBF Policy Web Seminar with Uwe Eppler, Christine Osterloh-Konrad, Korinna Schonhärl, and Alfons Weichenrieder

Demography and globalization put a strain on national economies
SAFE Policy Web Seminar with Charles Goodhart, and Manoj Pradhan

New rules for Europe's capital markets
SAFE Policy Webinar with Thomas Wieser, Katja Langenbucher, and Niamh Moloney

Restraining dividends for European banking industry is met with criticism
SAFE-FBF-CEPR Policy Webinar with Francesco Mazzaferro, Viral Acharya, and Sylvie Mathérat

Europe’s banking union is alive
SAFE-CEPR Policy Webinar with Ignazio Angeloni, Elga Bartsch, Mathias Dewatripont, and Jan Pieter Krahnen

Research-based policy advice in the Corona crisis - the SAFE Pandemic Policy Team
SAFE-CEPR Policy Webinar with Arnoud Boot, Elena Carletti, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Loriana Pelizzon, and Marti Subramanyam