SAFE Data Room

Data room

Please see below updates regarding data room re-opening starting from November 2nd

Data sources availability during SAFE data room's forced closing to due Covid-19 (valid until October 31st) :


SAFE data room is open in a very limited way.

You can apply for available slots (see Scheduler) by submitting this form stating in detail why it is essential for you to have access . Based on an individual case decision, the HoF administration will review your request and decide.

Rules of use:

  1. Wait outside of the data room. Supervisors will let you in after checking identity and reservation
  2. Under no circumstances whatsoever it is allowed to sit down at or touch a PC different to the one reserved
  3. Maximum duration of one session is 2 hours
  4. A reservation for more than one two-hour-session per day is not possible. Thus, a max. of 4h/week (2h Tuesday plus 2h Thursday) BBT access is possible
  5. Mandatory:
    - Wash your hands before entering (30 sec, soap, etc.)
    - Wear a mask, otherwise you will not be allowed to enter
    - Wear latex gloves, otherwise you will not be allowed to enter (if not available, we can provide; if allergic, please bring own gloves)
    - Follow any instructions from the supervisor carefully, if not you will not be able to place any further reservation.

Refinitiv Eikon

Eikon clients installation is required (working on Windows only); program download credentials can be requested at Eikon reservation web-page.

The account will be valid for two days on first served basis, in respect of the sequence of requests received. Installation info and credentials will be sent on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00am.


Bachelor and master students can request a temporary WRDS personal account by registering at WRDS. Moreover, they have to submit to SAFE Data Center this form.

The account will expire on November 2nd. 


The SAFE Data Room provides comprehensive coverage of financial data for researchers and students. We would like to thank the Alfons und Gertrud Kassel-Stiftung for their long-standing support of the data room.

For an overview of the databases available, please click here. If you have any questions regarding the databases, please contact Office hours are available by appointment.

Data room is located in HoF E.02 (ground floor);

Starting from November 2nd, data room will re-open with following limitations and availability:

Mon, Wed, Fri (10.oo - 13.oo and 14.oo - 17.oo)

  • Bloomberg terminals (8 workstations)
  • WRDS (8 workstations)
  • SNL (4 workstations)

Tue, Thu (9.oo - 13.oo and 14.oo - 18.oo)

  • Refinitiv Eikon (5 workstations)
  • WRDS (6 workstations)
  • SNL (4 workstations)

Data room is closed on all public holidays.

Registered users can reserve using the Scheduler starting from October 30th. 


Who can access the SAFE Data Room?

Students and researchers of Goethe University may use the SAFE Data Room. Access by persons not formally affiliated with Goethe University are not allowed by the contracts with the data vendors. Therefore every user is required to show his/her Goethe Card to enter the room. Access is also only permitted upon scheduling a time slot. The data room have a limited number of licenses that differs by database, thus the interested user needs to state what database he/she will be accessing during their visit.

If you would like to use the data room and reserve a data source, please reserve using Scheduler. For any issue please contact

If you are interested in news regarding data sources made available at SAFE Research Data Center feel free to subscribe our Newsletter Here. Mailing list volume will be low, approximately 10 messages\year. Use the same link to unsubscribe.


Access to databases via the WRDS platform

Students and affiliated researchers of Goethe University have access to many of the business information databases via the Wharton Researcher Data Services (WRDS) platform available in the SAFE Data Room. The data format provided by the platform is very convenient for academic research since it allows for queries of complete time series and in similar formats across databases. You can check the 'Search by keyword' tab on the SAFE Research Data Center website for a list of databases that can be accessed via WRDS at Goethe University.

WRDS individual accounts

The WRDS platform may also be accessed remotely for researchers eligible for individual WRDS accounts. This enables researchers to access databases from their own computers. Standard accounts allow for unlimited access via the web, SSH, and/or FTP, and include 750 MB of home/project storage. The researchers will have their own password for access, which is to remain confidential and must not be shared with any other individual. Researchers and students may apply directly for their personal WRDS account at the WRDS website. Please note that a "" e-mail address is required for all account requests.

Who is eligible for WRDS individual accounts?

Faculty members: All professors and postdoctoral researchers of Goethe University are eligible for a WRDS individual account and should apply for faculty accounts.

Ph.D. Students: Ph.D. students of Goethe University are eligible for a WRDS individual account. Please  find here a form to be filled out and submitted to the SAFE Research Data Center. This information is required for the WRDS representative at Goethe University to evaluate the account request.

Research Assistants: Research accounts are available to graduate and undergraduate students performing research for a faculty. Please find here a form to be filled out by the academic supervisor and submitted to the SAFE Research Data Center in support of the WRDS account request. This information is required for the WRDS representative at Goethe University to evaluate the account request. Approval of the request will be at the discretion of the WRDS representatives at Goethe University who can ask for a signed document containing the following: "Hereby I confirm that I will only and exclusively use the personal WRDS access for research purpose that is part of [project/paper title here] under supervision of [academic supervisor here]. Furthermore, I will inform the WRDS representatives at Goethe about any changes".

Visiting Faculty at SAFE: Visitor accounts are available to visiting faculty (non‐permanent or part‐time position, or those on a limited appointment). A SAFE Program Director should request the access explaining the need for the account. Please find here the form to be filled out by the host and submitted to the SAFE Research Data Center. Approval of the request will be at the discretion of the WRDS representatives at Goethe University.

Lecturers: Lecturers are not eligible for faculty accounts but may apply for a visitor account in certain cases. Lecturers should require their sponsors at Goethe University to send an email to in support of their account request, informing about the course they teach and the reasons to have temporary access to WRDS. Visitor accounts for lecturers will be considered with discretion of the SAFE Research Data Center.

Masters Students: Master students are not eligible for personal accounts.

Staff: Staff accounts can only be requested by support personnel such as librarians, IT support staff or other staff of member institutions. Staff members should also send a short notice to containing the information at which institution they are hired.