22 Mar 2024

SAFE participates in new Leibniz Lab “Systemic Sustainability”

Leibniz Lab “Systemic Sustainability” designed as knowledge and consulting hub for biodiversity and climate change issues / Development and implementation of systemic solutions planned

The Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE participates in the new “Leibniz Labs” format, with which the Leibniz Association is promoting its inter- and transdisciplinary excellence. With 41 research institutions and eleven research clusters in the Association, it forms a central knowledge and consulting hub in the Leibniz Lab “Systemic Sustainability” on biodiversity, climate, agriculture, and nutrition issues. The focus is on how science and research can contribute to effectively protecting biodiversity and climate to achieve resilient agriculture for food security.

The global intensification of agriculture is accelerating biodiversity loss and climate change. Conversely, this increases the risks for agriculture and food security and the need for adaptation. At the same time, the severe financial impacts of biodiversity loss have led to calls for greater corporate transparency. A SAFE White Paper has examined the current status of voluntary biodiversity reporting by 359 European blue-chip companies and assessed the extent to which it aligns with the future disclosure framework of the Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD).

Identifying effective innovations

The Leibniz Lab “Systemic Sustainability” addresses the urgent need for a more systemic and action-oriented scientific approach and an in-depth dialog with stakeholders from politics, business, and civil society to arrive at transformative solutions. The Lab aims to systematically integrate scientific findings in the “Biodiversity, Climate, Agriculture and Food” field and identify effective innovations.

The Lab addresses regional requirements in pilot areas in different parts of the world. It links these with global developments to understand the complex interrelationships holistically and identify appropriate solutions. The Lab acts as a link between the relevant scientific communities and promotes exchange between science and society.

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