Networking event serves as platform for female academics at prestigious symposium

Workshop for women highlights current research and provides platform for exchange of experiences

Rachel Nam was honored at highly regarded conferences for her paper on open banking and data sharing

In front of around 200 guests, leaders from science and politics bid farewell to SAFE Founding Director Jan Pieter Krahnen – and at the same time welcome his successor Florian Heider

About 160 Ph.D. students in Economics and Finance from top graduate schools in Germany gathered in Frankfurt to discuss their research and career opportunities

SAFE hosted Martina Brockmeier, President of the Leibniz Association, for an exchange with the institute’s staff as part of her tour to all Leibniz Institutes

Researchers and bank industry professionals discuss what lessons can be learned from the Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse cases in a SAFE-CEPR Policy Webinar

Wealth inequality between the genders is based on external restrictions but also on too little financial decision-making ability of women

A research team from the Leibniz Institute SAFE shows how closing a regulatory gap can prevent bank runs in the future

The case of the U.S. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) exposes a serious inconsistency in today’s banking regulation. A SAFE team shows how this flaw can be fixed with small regulatory changes, preventing bank runs