A SAFE Working Paper examines whether and how the role of the U.S. is changing in the global financial system – a new approach to understand how China and other countries are now directly competing for global dominance

Oliver Hinz coordinates the new network as Bridge Professor

Ulrike Malmendier, member of SAFE's Research Advisory Council, appointed to the German Council of Economic Experts

A SAFE White Paper shows how the German pension system can adapt to demographic change with investments in the global capital market

Data indicate a positive influence of the social network on financial investments

Supervised by SAFE Fellow Simone Wies, high school students from Stuttgart qualify for the finals of the YES! competition with their idea for evaluating companies

SAFE Director argues for fewer sovereign bonds in bank portfolios in light of the European Central Bank’s monetary policy stance

As MiCA negotiations come to an end, a SAFE Policy Letter presents potential threats to financial stability, the private sector, and monetary policy through Big Tech cryptocurrencies

The first Sustainability Standards Watchers Conference showed how severe the consequences of climate change already are and how this is changing political decision-making processes

SAFE researcher convinces with a project on “Gender Wealth Gap” in Leibniz Competition