SAFE researchers offer talks on investment behavior, artificial intelligence in the financial industry, and fintech at Leibniz Association's “Book a Scientist” event

A SAFE Policy Web Seminar focused on understanding how certain beliefs have influenced traditional schools of economic thought and thus shape contemporary economics

SAFE Director sees initial successes but also open issues in reforming BaFin

Discussion with representatives from Frankfurt research institutions illustrates positive and negative consequences for education in the Corona pandemic

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The academic panel discussion continues with a debate on the topic of "Studying, Researching, Teaching Despite the Corona Pandemic"

Several renowned researchers pay tribute to Otmar Issing's lifetime work in an academic colloquium on the occasion of his 85th birthday - and discuss with him the current challenges of central bank policy

For the second consecutive time, the TOTAL E-QUALITY award certifies that the Frankfurt-based research institute has achieved exemplary personnel development about reconciling family and career for its employees

A comparison of UK and European practices of supervising large banks shows huge differences, but no imbalance in competitiveness and crisis management