In a SAFE White Paper, financial and legal researchers show that the looser regulations for banks in the Corona crisis conceal the actual risks in bank’s balance sheets – in the long term, this will unsettle investors and jeopardize…

Researchers around SAFE recommend realistic assessment of loan losses in bank balance sheets and a resolution strategy in line with the EU Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive

The European Central Bank is considering adjusting the inflation measure and target, but distributional aspects should not play a role, researchers argue in a SAFE policy letter

Researchers offer topics on financial education for women and young people at Germany-wide school competition

SAFE Director comments on the planned law to strengthen financial market integrity and proposes deeper changes

SAFE experiment shows how German households deal with their income bonus after the elimination of the solidarity surcharge, given certain time slots

Female directors diverge from the boardroom practices of their male counterparts, but also from typical traits attributed to women, illustrates financial economist Renée B. Adams in a SAFE Policy Web Seminar

ECB Executive Board member Fabio Panetta and EU Director General for Financial Stability and Capital Markets John Berrigan elected as chairs

SAFE Director welcomes German Federal Finance Ministry's reform plans for Bafin, but argues for more far-reaching supervisory powers

SAFE Working Paper shows for the first time who typically invests in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple