Latest Research and Policy Publications

Title Author/s Program Area Source Published Keywords

The COVID-19 Shock and Equity Shortfall: Firm-level Evidence from Italy

Elena Carletti, et al. Financial Markets forthcoming in The Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 2020 2020 COVID-19, pandemics, losses, distress, equity, recapitalization.

Der Verlustrücktrag als Mittel der Konjunkturpolitik – Ausweitung des Verlustrücktrags auch auf die Gewerbesteuer erforderlich

Philipp Lamprecht, Alfons J. Weichenrieder Law and Finance White Paper No. 71, 2020 2020 Verlustrücktrag, Corona-Steuerhilfegesetz, Gewerbesteuer, Konjunkturpolitik

When Brussels meets shadow banking- technical complexity, regulatory agency and the reconstruction of the shadow banking chain

Vanessa Endrejat, Matthias Thiemann Financial Intermediation, Systemic Risk Lab Competition & Change, 2020 2020

The Wirecard lessons: A reform proposal for the supervision of securities markets in Europe

Jan Pieter Krahnen, Katja Langenbucher Financial Markets Policy Letter No. 88, 2020 2020 Wirecard, securities markets, market supervision

Bank capital and the European recovery from the COVID-19 crisis

Moritz Schularick, Sascha Steffen, Tobias Tröger Law and Finance, Macro and Finance White Paper No. 69, 2020 2020 bank capital, financial stablity, COVID-19