Prof. Dr. Andreas Hackethal

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hackethal
Program Area:
Household Finance
Program Director "Household Finance – Saving and Borrowing", Senior Researcher
SAFE/Goethe University
+49 69 798 33700
HoF 2.26
Author/s Title Program Area Published
Andreas Hackethal Financial Advice
E. Faia, A. Hackethal, M. Haliassos, K. Langenbucher (Eds.), Financial Regulation: A Transatlantic Perspective (Cambridge University Press), pp. 245-270
Household Finance 2015
Ester Faia, Andreas Hackethal, Michael Haliassos, Katja Langenbucher Financial Regulation: A Transatlantic Perspective
Book Volume - published by Cambridge University Press
Household Finance, Macro and Finance 2015
Researcher Project Funded by Status Project Duration Publication Count
Konstantin Bräuer, Andreas Hackethal, Christine Laudenbach, Steffen Meyer, Thomas Pauls, Annika Weber Investor Characteristics and Long-Term Financial Decision Making LOEWE Completed 2018 1
Tabea Bucher-Koenen, Andreas Hackethal, Johannes Kasinger, Christine Laudenbach, Charline Uhr Rentencockpit/Pensions Dashboard - Promoting Individual Pension Transparency LOEWE Ongoing 2018 0
Andreas Hackethal, Benjamin Loos, Steffen Meyer, Charline Uhr Same Bank, Same Clients but Different Pricing: How do Flat-Fees for Mutual Funds Affect Retail Investor Portfolios? Think Forward Initiative Ongoing 2020 0
Andreas Hackethal, Tobin Hanspal, Dominique Lammer Asset Class Participation and the Effect of Peer Performance on Allocation LOEWE Ongoing 2019 0
Andreas Hackethal, Sven-Thorsten Jakusch, Steffen Meyer Revealed Preferences and Risk Aversion in Financial Markets - New Empirical Evidence from a Maximum Likelihood Approach LOEWE Completed 2013 1
Sophie Ahlswede, Andreas Hackethal, Steffen Meyer Portfolio Reporting: How to Help individual Investors Learn from Past Mistakes LOEWE Completed 2013 1
Konstantin Bräuer, Andreas Hackethal, Mike Kirchler, Christine Laudenbach, Steffen Meyer, Thomas Pauls, Annika Weber, Utz Weitzel Finanzforum - Panel Rounds 2,3 and 4 and Corresponding Projects LOEWE Ongoing 2019 1
Hector Calvo-Pardo, Chryssi Giannitsarou, Andreas Hackethal, Michael Haliassos, Thomas Jansson, Yigitcan Karabulut Implications of Financial Market Imperfections for Wealth and Debt Accumulation in the Household Sector DFG Completed 2013 1
Andreas Hackethal, Benjamin Loos, Alessandro Previtero Robo-Advisers and Investor Behavior LOEWE Ongoing 2018 0
Gregor Becker, Konstantin Bräuer, Andreas Hackethal, Tobin Hanspal The Consumption Response to Stock Market Wealth LOEWE Ongoing 2018 1