Economic & Monetary Union at a Crossroad

Project Start:01/2020
Researchers:Sandra Eckert, Vincent R. Lindner, Christian May, Daniel Mertens, Andreas Nölke, Matthias Thiemann, Claudius Wagemann
Category: Macro Finance
Funded by:SAFE

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Author/sTitleYearProgram AreaKeywords
Kardelen Günaydin, Daniel MertensPolitisiertes Sparen und die Europäische Zentralbank. Zur Politischen Ökonomie der Geldpolitischen Debatte in Deutschland
2020 Macro Finance
Vincent R. LindnerConflict or Cooperation? Explaining the European Commission’s and Social Partners’ Preferences for Low-Level Social Dialogue
forthcoming in The Role of Social Partners in Managing Europe’s Great Recession Crisis Corporatism or Corporatism in Crisis? (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group)
2021 Macro Finance
Andreas NölkeCapitalist Diversity in Europe
The Routledge Handbook of Critical European Studies (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group)
2021 Macro Finance

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Sandra Eckert,
Vincent R. Lindner,
Andreas Nölke
EMU reform proposals and their (non) implementation: An overview
White Paper No. 78