SAFE Working Paper Series

360Alfons J. Weichenrieder Macro Finance 2022energy crisis, monetary policy, natural gas
359Spencer Yongwook Kwon, Yueran Ma, Niklas Kaspar Zimmermann Macro Finance 2022Corporate concentration, economies of scale
358Matteo Bagnara, Ruggero Jappelli Financial Markets 2022Asset Pricing, Market Liquidity, Liquidity Risk.
357Huynh Sang Truong, Uwe Walz Financial Intermediation 2022LBO spillovers, peer effects, IV approach
356Markus Eyting Household Finance, Experiment Center 2022
355Stephan Jank, Emanuel Moench, Michael Schneider Financial Markets 2022
354Sebastian Steuer Law and Finance 2022
353Olga Balakina, Claes Bäckman, Andreas Hackethal, Tobin Hanspal, Dominique Lammer Household Finance 2022Household nance, investment decisions, investment behavior, peer eects, social networks
352Monica Billio, Michele Costola, Loriana Pelizzon, Max Riedel Financial Markets 2022
351Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt, Johannes Kasinger, Dmitrij Schneider Financial Intermediation 2022Online Poker; Risk Attitudes; Risk Preferences; Choice under Risk
350Ruggero Jappelli, Konrad Lucke, Loriana Pelizzon Financial Markets 2022Fixed Income, Limits to Arbitrage, Market Liquidity
349Monica Billio, Michele Costola, Iva Hristova, Carmelo Latino, Loriana Pelizzon Financial Markets 2022Environmental, social, and governance factors (ESG); credit risk; debt cost; equity cost; sovereign bonds; portfolio management
348Fabian Nemeczek, Jan Wedigo Radermacher Household Finance 2022Marginal Propensity to Consume, Big Five Personality, Survey Data, Transaction Data
347Andrej Gill, Florian Hett, Johannes Tischer Household Finance, Experiment Center 2022Household Finance, Paycheck Sensitivity, Fintech, Time Inconsistency, Time Preferences, Experiment, Behavioral Measurement
346Roman Inderst, Marcus Opp Financial Intermediation, Law and Finance, Household Finance 2022Sustainability; ESG; green financing; labelling;
345Florian Heider, Roman Inderst Financial Intermediation, Law and Finance, Household Finance 2022
344Steffen Eibelshäuser, Fabian Smetak Household Finance, Financial Markets 2022
343Alessandro Di Nola, Leo Kaas, Haomin Wang Macro Finance 2022
342Alperen Afsin Gözlügöl, Wolf-Georg Ringe Law and Finance 2022private companies, net zero transition, sustainability disclosures, brown-spinning, climate change, private equity
341Sandra Eckert Financial Intermediation 2022
340Anastasia Kotovskaia, Tobias Tröger Financial Intermediation 2022SRB, SRF, bank resolution, banking union, bail-in, ESM, national interest, political economy, bureaucrats’ incentives
339Sandra Eckert, Vincent R. Lindner, Andreas Nölke Macro Finance 2022
338Elsa Massoc Law and Finance 2022finance, opinion, social media, discourse analysis
337Maximilian Lubda, Elsa Massoc Law and Finance 2022social media, polarization, democracy, investment forum
336Victor Klockmann, Marie Claire Villeval, Alicia von Schenk Household Finance, Experiment Center 2022Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Pivotality, Ethics, Experiment
335Victor Klockmann, Marie Claire Villeval, Alicia von Schenk Household Finance, Experiment Center 2022
334Ilya Dergunov, Christoph Meinerding, Christian Schlag Financial Markets 2022
333Vincent R. Lindner Macro Finance 2022
332Gyozo Gyöngyösi, Judit Rariga, Emil Verner Household Finance 2021
331Ruggero Jappelli, Loriana Pelizzon, Alberto Plazzi Financial Markets 2021
330Jan Krzyzanowski, Uwe Walz Financial Intermediation 2021financing, bank lending, patents
329Jana Eisenkopf, Steffen Juranek, Uwe Walz Financial Intermediation 2021Responsible investment, ESG, stock market crisis, persistence
328Hoang Ha Nguyen Thi, Alfons J. Weichenrieder Macro Finance 2021Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, corporate taxation, S corporations, C corporations, banks
327 Fincap Team, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Loriana Pelizzon, Christian Westheide Financial Intermediation, Financial Markets 2021non-standard errors, multi-analyst approach, liquidity
326Wenhui Li, Peter Ockenfels, Christian Wilde Financial Markets 2021ambiguity, financial market, market price, volatility, trading activity, bid- ask spread, market-based measure of ambiguity, laboratory experiment
325Alperen Afsin Gözlügöl Law and Finance 2021climate change, sustainability, ESG, employees, workforce, net zero transition, corporate governance, institutional investors, green finance
324Massimiliano Caporin, Michele Costola Financial Markets 2021Granger Causality, Hong test, DCC-GARCH, Oil market, COVID-19
323Alexandre Corhay, Thilo Kind, Howard Kung, Gonzalo Morales Macro Finance 2021Term structure of interest rates, Fiscal theory of the price level, Bond risk premia, Government debt, DSGE models, Nonlinear solution methods
322Gianluca Anese, Marco Corazza, Michele Costola, Loriana Pelizzon Financial Markets 2021Public financial news, Stock market, NLP, Dictionary, LSTM neural net- works, Investor sentiment, S&P 500
321Ignazio Angeloni, Johannes Kasinger, Chantawit Tantasith Financial Intermediation 2021
320Sebastian Steuer, Tobias Tröger Law and Finance 2021
319Erik Theissen, Christian Westheide Financial Markets 2021
318Kevin Bauer, Michael Kosfeld, Ferdinand von Siemens Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center 2021
317Volker Flögel, Christian Schlag, Claudia Zunft Financial Markets 2021factor timing, time series momentum, anomalies
316Christian Mücke, Loriana Pelizzon, Vincenzo Pezone, Anjan Thakor Financial Markets 2021Bank Bailout, TARP, Capital Purchase Program, Dividend Pay- ments, Board Appointments, Bank Recapitalization
315Kevin Bauer, Oliver Hinz, Moritz von Zahn Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center 2021XAI, explainable machine learning, Information Processing, Belief up-dating, algorithmic transparency
314Farshid Abdi, Mila Getmansky Sherman, Emily Kormanyos, Loriana Pelizzon, Zorka Simon Financial Markets 2021Market efficiency, Social media, Twitter, High-frequency event study, Machine learning, ETFs.
313Kevin Bauer, Andrej Gill Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center 2021Algorithmic transparency, algorithmic decision support, human–machine interaction
312Can Gao, Ian Martin Financial Markets 2021bubbles, Option prices, sentiment, valuation ratios, volatility
311Wenhui Li, Christian Wilde Financial Markets 2021ambiguity, belief estimation, belief effect, ambiguity premium, laboratory experiments
310Loriana Pelizzon, Aleksandra Rzeźnik, Kathleen Weiss Hanley Financial Markets 2021Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG Rating Agencies, Sustainable Invest- ments, Socially responsible investing, ESG, Portfolio choice
309Tabea Bucher-Koenen, Andreas Hackethal, Johannes Koenen, Christine Laudenbach Household Finance 2021credence goods, financial aptitude, consumer protection, financial literacy, discrimination
308Thomas Pauls Household Finance 2021
307Ester Faia, Andreas Fuster, Vincenzo Pezone, Basit Zafar Law and Finance 2021Belief updating, confirmatory biases, endogenous informa- tion acquisition, media polarization, source dependence, COVID-19
306Aljoscha Janssen, Johannes Kasinger Financial Intermediation, Financial Markets 2021Rational Inattention, Obfuscation, Price Competition, Digitalized Markets
305Sabine Bernard, Benjamin Loos, Martin Weber Household Finance 2021Disposition Effect, Financial Market Cycles, Household Finance, Retail Investor
304Monica Billio, Mila Getmansky Sherman, Andrew Lo, Loriana Pelizzon, Abalfazl Zareei Financial Markets 2021Network theory; Centrality; High Frequency Data; ETFs; Financial Crises; Covid-19; International Finance
303Andreas Hackethal, Ankit Kalda, Benjamin Loos, Alessandro Previtero Household Finance 2021fintech, investor behavior, financial risk-taking, lottery-type assets, investment biases, trend chasing, spillover effects
302Tim Alexander Kroencke, Maik Schmeling, Andreas Schrimpf Financial Markets 2021Monetary Policy Surprises; Equity Premium; Fund Flows; Portfolio Rebalanc- ing; Price Pressures
301Di Bu, Tobin Hanspal, Yin Liao, Yong Liu Household Finance 2020
300Dennis Gram, Pantelis Karapanagiotis, Jan Krzyzanowski, Marius Liebald, Uwe Walz Financial Intermediation, Data Center 2021
299Ferdinand von Siemens Law and Finance, Experiment Center 2021motivated beliefs; compliance behavior; age; health; COVID-19
298Emanuel Moench, Loriana Pelizzon, Michael Schneider, Calebe de Roure Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab, Data Center 2020Market Microstructure, Hybrid Markets, Venue Choice, Interdealer Brokerage, Fixed-Income, OTC Markets, Search Frictions, Information Frictions
297Dimitrios Kostopoulos, Steffen Meyer, Charline Uhr Household Finance 2020ambiguity, uncertainty, individual investor, trading behavior
296Reint Gropp, Thomas Mosk, Steven Ongena, Ines Simac, Carlo Wix Financial Intermediation 2020
295Besart Avdiu, Alfons J. Weichenrieder Macro Finance 2020Public-Private Partnerships, Infrastructure, Financing Costs, Default.
294Christian Alemán, Christopher Busch, Alexander Ludwig, Raül Santaeulàlia-Llopis Macro Finance 2020
293Christoph Hambel, Holger Kraft, André Meyer-Wehmann Household Finance 2020reverse mortgage, consumption-portfolio decisions, optimal stopping, biometric risks, financial disasters
292Andrea Modena Financial Markets 2020Banks, bailout, general equilibrium, financial frictions, recapitalization, welfare.
291Loriana Pelizzon, Satchit Sagade, Katia Vozian Financial Markets 2020liquidity, resiliency, fragmentation, competition, high-frequency data, Hawkes processes
290Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Dirk Krueger, Alexander Ludwig, Irina Popova Macro Finance 2020Covid-19, school closures, inequality, intergenerational persistence
289Christian Schlag, Michael Semenischev, Julian Thimme Financial Markets 2020Asset pricing, cross-section of stock returns, predictability
288Michele Costola, Oliver Hinz, Michael Nofer, Loriana Pelizzon Financial Markets 2020COVID-19 news, Sentiment Analysis, Stock Markets
287Benjamin M. Abdel-Karim, Kevin Bauer, Oliver Hinz, Michael Kosfeld, Nicolas Winfried Pfeuffer Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center 2020 Algorithmic Discrimination, Artificial Intelligence, Game Theory, Economics, Batch Learning
286Andreas Hackethal, Michael Kirchler, Christine Laudenbach, Michael Razen, Annika Weber Household Finance 2020Risk Preferences, Incentives, Experimental Economics, Risk Aversion
285Elena Carletti, Tommaso Oliviero, Marco Pagano, Loriana Pelizzon, Marti Subrahmanyam Financial Markets 2020COVID-19, pandemics, losses, distress, equity, recapitalization.
284Monica Billio, Michele Costola, Iva Hristova, Carmelo Latino, Loriana Pelizzon Financial Markets 2020
283Jannis Bischof, Christian Laux, Christian Leuz Financial Intermediation 2020Banks, Financial crisis, Financial stability, Disclosure, Loan loss accounting, Expected credit losses, Incurred loss model, Prudential filter, Fair value accounting
282Daniel Munevar, Grygoriy Pustovit Macro Finance 2020sovereign debt standstill, sovereign debt restructuring, sovereign debt litigation, holdout litigation, vulture creditors
281Kevin Bauer Financial Intermediation 2020social identity, relative performance feedback, discrimination, outgroup derogation
280Konstantin Bräuer, Andreas Hackethal, Tobin Hanspal Household Finance 2020Consumption, Stock market wealth, Dividends, Excess sensitivity, Self-control, Household finance, Retail investor
279Tobin Hanspal, Annika Weber, Johannes Wohlfart Household Finance 2020Coronavirus, Stockholding, Wealth shocks, Expectation formation, Inequality.
278Sandra Eckert Financial Intermediation 2020agency, banking, centralisation, energy, fiduciary, electricity, policy
277Andreas Hackethal, Tobin Hanspal, Dominique Lammer, Kevin Rink Household Finance 2020Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Structured retail products, Retail investors, Household finance, Investor behavior
276Massimiliano Caporin, Loriana Pelizzon, Alberto Plazzi Financial Markets, Macro Finance 2020
275Loriana Pelizzon, Max Riedel, Zorka Simon, Marti Subrahmanyam Financial Markets, Macro Finance, Systemic Risk Lab 2020
274Christopher Busch, Alexander Ludwig Macro Finance 2020Labor Income Risk, Business Cycle, GMM Estimation, Skewness, Persistent and Transitory Income Shocks, Risk Attitudes, Life-Cycle Model
273Di Bu, Tobin Hanspal, Yin Liao, Yong Liu Household Finance 2020Financial literacy, online borrowing, Consumer credit, Self-control, FinTech, China
272Christine Laudenbach, Benjamin Loos, Jenny Pirschel, Johannes Wohlfart Household Finance 2020Individual investors, risk-taking, trading, experiences
271Pietro Dindo, Andrea Modena, Loriana Pelizzon Financial Markets, Macro Finance 2020Amplification, business cycle, efficiency, dampening, restricted market participation, risk pooling
270Mario Bellia, Kim Christensen, Aleksey Kolokolov, Loriana Pelizzon, Roberto Renò Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2020
269Ester Faia, Maximilian Mayer, Vincenzo Pezone Law and Finance 2020
268Marie Lalanne, Lorenzo Maria Levati Financial Intermediation 2020Referrals, Job Match Quality, Social Networks, Board of Directors
267Wataru Kureishi, Hannah Paule-Paludkiewicz, Hitoshi Tsujiyama, Midori Wakabayashi Household Finance 2020Time Preferences; Preference Stability; Age; Discount Rates
266Benjamin Bluhm, Jannic Cutura Financial Intermediation 2020Econometrics, Distributed Computing, Apache Spark
265Christian Schlag, Julian Thimme, Rüdiger Weber Financial Markets 2020Preference for early resolution of uncertainty, implied volatility, cross-section of expected stock returns, asset pricing
264Hengjie Ai, Jun E. Li, Kai Li, Christian Schlag Financial Markets 2019
263Vanya Horneff, Daniel Liebler, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell Household Finance 2019individual retirement account, investment guarantee, longevity risk, retirement income, life cycle model
262Andrea Bedin, Monica Billio, Michele Costola, Loriana Pelizzon Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2019credit scoring; probability of default; small and medium enterprises; assetbacked securities
261Monica Billio, Michele Costola, Loriana Pelizzon, Max Riedel Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2019Mortgages, Energy Eciency, Credit Risk
260Matthias Thiemann, Tobias Tröger Financial Intermediation 2019shadow banking, regulatory arbitrage, principles-based regulation, credit funds, prudential supervision, non-bank financial intermediation
259Iñaki Aldasoro, Florian Balke, Andreas Barth, Egemen Eren Financial Intermediation 2019
258Anderson Grajales-Olarte, Burak Uras, Nathanael Vellekoop Macro Finance 2019Wage rigidity, microdata, time dependency, state dependency, flexible-hour contracts
257Baptiste Massenot, Giang Nghiem Macro Finance 2019
256Christian Schlag, Kailin Zeng Financial Markets 2019Connected industries, information flow, return predictability
255Silvia Dalla Fontana, Marco Holz auf der Heide, Loriana Pelizzon, Martin Scheicher Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2019OTC derivatives, network analysis, interest rate risk, banking, risk management, hedging
254Martin Götz Law and Finance 2019
253Thomas Johann, Talis Putnins, Satchit Sagade, Christian Westheide Financial Markets 2019
252Nicole Branger, Patrick Konermann, Christian Schlag Financial Markets 2019
251Wenhui Li, Christian Wilde Financial Markets, Experiment Center 2019ambiguity, learning strategy, belief updates, non-Bayesian updates, pessimism, laboratory experiments
250Nathanael Vellekoop, Mirko Wiederholt Household Finance 2019
249Yuri Pettinicchi, Nathanael Vellekoop Household Finance 2019Subjective expectations; Durable consumption; Household saving
248Jasmin Gider, Peter Gomber, Simon N. M. Schmickler, Christian Westheide Financial Markets 2019High-Frequency Trading, Price Efficiency, Information Acquisition, Information Production
247Mario Bellia, Loriana Pelizzon, Marti Subrahmanyam, Jun Uno, Darya Yuferova Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2019esignated Market Makers (DMMs), Liquidity Provision
246Reint Gropp, Felix Noth, Ulrich Schüwer Financial Intermediation 2019banking, geographic expansion, deregulation, locally non-diversiable risk, catastrophic risk
245Andreas Hackethal, Steffen Meyer, Charline Uhr Household Finance 2019self-control; portfolio allocation; individual investor; trading behavior
244Mauro Bernardi, Michele Costola Systemic Risk Lab 2019VAR estimation, Financial Networks, Bayesian inference, Sparsity, Spike-and-Slab prior, Stochastic Search Variable Selection, Expectation-Maximisation
243Nicoletta Berardi, Marie Lalanne, Paul Seabright Law and Finance 2019
242Ester Faia, Vincenzo Pezone Money and Finance 2019
241Martin Götz Law and Finance 2019
240Irina Gemmo, Helmut Gründl, Martin Götz Household Finance 2019
239Paul Gortner, Baptiste Massenot Macro Finance, Experiment Center 2018
238Joost Driessen, Theo E. Nijman, Zorka Simon Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2018Sovereign Bonds, Term Structure of Interest Rates, Segmentation, Liquidity, Flight-to-safety, Credit Risk, Unconventional Monetary Policy
237Nathanael Vellekoop Household Finance 2018consumption, consumption commitments, paycheck frequency, liquidity
236Aleksey Kolokolov, Giulia Livieri, Davide Pirino Financial Markets 2018staleness, idle time, liquidity, zero returns, stable convergence
235Mila Getmansky Sherman, Christian Kubitza, Loriana Pelizzon Systemic Risk Lab 2018Central Clearing, Counterparty Risk, Systematic Risk, OTC markets, Derivatives, Loss Sharing, Collateral, Margin
234Alejandro Bernales, Nicolas Garrido, Satchit Sagade, Marcela Valenzuela, Christian Westheide Financial Markets 2018Fragmentation, Competition, Liquidity, Price Efficiency
233Baptiste Massenot, Yuri Pettinicchi Macro Finance 2018
232Jannic Cutura Financial Intermediation 2018
231Benjamin Clapham, Peter Gomber, Jens Lausen, Sven Panz Financial Markets 2018Liquidity, Trading Volume, Market Fragmentation, Liquidity Provider Incentives, Transaction Costs
230Yalin Gündüz, Giorgio Ottonello, Loriana Pelizzon, Michael Schneider, Marti Subrahmanyam Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2018Corporate Bonds, WpHG, Liquidity, Transparency, OTC markets
229Daniel Harenberg Macro Finance 2018equity premium; idiosyncratic risk; aggregate risk; lifecycle
228Roberto Panzica Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2018Idiosyncratic volatility puzzle; Networks; Expected Returns; Granger Causality
227Mila Getmansky Sherman, Ravi Jagannathan, Loriana Pelizzon, Ernst Schaumburg, Darya Yuferova Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab, Data Center 2018Liquidity Provision; Market Fragility; Flash Crash; Slow-Moving Capital
226Loriana Pelizzon, Marti Subrahmanyam, Davide Tomio, Jun Uno Financial Markets, Macro Finance, Systemic Risk Lab 2018Central Bank Interventions, Liquidity, Sovereign Bonds, Futures Contracts, Arbitrage
225Monica Billio, Massimiliano Caporin, Lorenzo Frattarolo, Loriana Pelizzon Financial Intermediation, Systemic Risk Lab 2018spatial GARCH; network; risk spillover; nancial spillover
224Mila Getmansky Sherman, Giulio Girardi, Stanislava Nikolova, Loriana Pelizzon, Kathleen Weiss Hanley Financial Intermediation, Systemic Risk Lab 2018Interconnectedness, Asset Liquidation, Similarity, Financial Stability, Insurance Com- panies, SIFI
223Florian Deuflhard Household Finance 2018
222Vanessa Endrejat, Matthias Thiemann Financial Intermediation 2018
221Axel Börsch-Supan, Duarte Nuno Leite, Alexander Ludwig Macro Finance 2018Population aging, pension reform, social security, life-cycle behavior, labor supply, retirement age, welfare
220Yangming Bao, Martin Götz Law and Finance 2018Investments, Peer Firm Effects, Agglomeration, Corporate Income Tax
219Andreas Hackethal, Christine Laudenbach, Steffen Meyer, Annika Weber Household Finance 2018Financial Advice, Individual Investors, Client Involvement
218Florian Hoffmann, Roman Inderst, Marcus Opp Law and Finance 2018Compensation design, duration of pay, moral hazard, persistence, principal- agent models, informativeness principle
217Maddalena Davoli, Jia Hou Household Finance 2018 financial literacy determinants, socialist education, German reunification, DiD
216Stefano Colonnello, Giuliano Curatola, Alessandro Gioffré Financial Markets 2018Asset Pricing, General Equilibrium, Sin Stocks
215Zsuzsa R. Huszar, Zorka Simon Systemic Risk Lab 2018
214Edin Ibrocevic, Matthias Thiemann Financial Intermediation, Systemic Risk Lab 2018macroprudential regulation, ideational shift, systemic risk, topic modelling, central bank policy
213Klaus Gugler, Michael Weichselbaumer, Christine Zulehner Macro Finance 2018labor demand, labor hoarding, construction procurement, first-price auctions, recent economic crisis, regression discontinuity design
212Henning Hesse Macro Finance 2018CoCo bonds, contingent capital, endogenous risk, capital structure, incentives, monitoring
211Thomas Mosk Financial Intermediation 2018Credit lines, Contract terms, Bargaining, Screening
210Darien Huang, Christian Schlag, Ivan Shaliastovich, Julian Thimme Financial Markets 2018volatility of volatility, hedging errors, risk premiums
209Eren Gürer, Alfons J. Weichenrieder Macro Finance 2018Inequality, Gini, EU countries, income dependent inflation
208Roberto Casarin, Michele Costola, Erdem Yenerdag Systemic Risk Lab 2018Systemic Risk; Financial Institutions; Network Communities; Financial Crises
207Claes Bäckman, Tobin Hanspal Household Finance 2018Intermediated work; Multi-level marketing; Gig-economy; Entrepreneurship; Con- sumer financial protection
206Loriana Pelizzon, Anjan Thakor, Calebe de Roure Household Finance, Systemic Risk Lab 2018
205Horst Entorf, Jia Hou Household Finance 2018Education, Financial Literacy, Inequality, Program Evaluation
204Loriana Pelizzon, Matteo Sottocornola Financial Markets, Macro Finance, Systemic Risk Lab 2018Event study, monetary policy surprise, unconventional monetary policy, conventional monetary policy, insurance industry
203Florian Hett, Felix Schmidt Household Finance, Experiment Center 2018heterogeneity, competitiveness; contest; rank feedback, relative performance evaluation
202Tobias Tröger Law and Finance 2018related party transactions, Germany Inc., industrial organization, tunneling, private benefits of control, capital maintenance, group law
201Dirk Krueger, Alexander Ludwig Macro Finance 2018Idiosyncratic Risk, Taxation of Capital, Overlapping Generations, Precautionary Saving, Pecuniary Externality
200Nils Grevenbrock, Max Groneck, Alexander Ludwig, Alexander Zimper Macro Finance 2018Subjective Survival Beliefs, Probability Weighting Function, Conrmatory Bias, Cognition, Optimism, Pessimism
199Tobias Tröger Law and Finance 2018crowdfunding, crowdsponsoring, crowdlending, crowdinvesting, contract law, conflict of laws, banking regulation, securities regulation
198Henning Hesse, Boris Hofmann, James Weber Macro Finance 2018unconventional monetary policy, asset purchases, monetary transmission
197Benjamin Clapham, Peter Gomber, Martin Haferkorn, Paul Jentsch, Sven Panz Financial Markets 2018
196Benjamin Clapham, Peter Gomber, Sven Panz Financial Markets 2018Circuit Breaker, Volatility Interruption, Market Fragmentation, High-Frequency Trading, Stock Market, Regulation, Liquidity
195Benjamin Clapham, Peter Gomber, Martin Haferkorn, Sven Panz Financial Markets 2018Circuit Breaker, Volatility Interruption, Volatility, Liquidity, Market Design
194Baptiste Massenot Macro Finance 2018
193Mario Bellia, Giulio Girardi, Roberto Panzica, Loriana Pelizzon, Tuomas A. Peltonen Systemic Risk Lab 2018Credit Default Swap (CDS), Central Counterparty Clearing House (CCP), European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), Sovereign
192Vincenzo Pezone Law and Finance 2018
191Julia Hirsch, Uwe Walz Law and Finance 2017financial constraints, financial crisis, financing decisions, investment decisions, newly founded firms
190Vanya Horneff, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell Household Finance 2017dynamic portfolio choice; 401(k) plan; saving; Social Security claiming age; retirement income; minimum distribution requirements; tax
189Carlo Wix Financial Intermediation 2017Financial Crises, Bank Lending, Real Effects, Firm Investment, Wage Rigidity, Labor Hoarding
188Michael Donadelli, Patrick Grüning, Marcus Jüppner, Renatas Kizys Financial Markets 2017Global Temperature, R&D, Welfare Costs
187Baptiste Massenot, Yuri Pettinicchi Macro Finance 2017Expectation formation; Expectation error; Learning; Extrapolation; Experience
186Nicole Branger, Paulo Rodrigues, Christian Schlag Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2017Asset pricing, Epstein-Zin preferences, jump risk, stochastic volatility, level and slope of implied volatility smile
185Patrick Grüning Financial Markets 2017Heterogeneous innovation, Technology spillover, Endogenous growth, Creative destruction, International finance
184Tobias Tröger Financial Intermediation 2017crowdinvesting, crowdfunding, fintech, financial stability, market infrastructure, investor protection
183Joost Driessen, Theo E. Nijman, Zorka Simon Financial Markets 2017Liquidity premium, liquidity risk, TIPS, inflation swaps, TIPS–Treasury puzzle
182Mario Bellia, Loriana Pelizzon, Marti Subrahmanyam, Jun Uno, Darya Yuferova Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2017High-Frequency Traders (HFTs), Proprietary Trading, Opening Auction, Liquidity Provision, Price Discovery
181Holger Kraft, Farina Weiss Household Finance 2018consumption-portfolio choice, money in the utility function, stock demand, stochastic control
180Tobias Tröger Financial Intermediation 2017MREL, TLAC, G-SIB, bail-in, bank resolution
179Tobias Tröger Financial Intermediation 2017bail-in, private sector involvement, precautionary recapitalization, cross-border insolvency, market discipline
178Matthias Goldmann Financial Intermediation, Macro Finance 2018Banking Union, Monetary Policy, Financial Stability, Single Supervisory Mechanism, Democratic Legitimacy
177Michael Donadelli, Marcus Jüppner, Max Riedel, Christian Schlag Financial Markets 2017Temperature shocks, long-run growth, asset prices, welfare costs, adaptation
176Giuliano Curatola, Ilya Dergunov Household Finance, Financial Markets 2017Asset pricing, general equilibrium, heterogeneous agents, interdependent preferences, portfolio choice
175Reint Gropp, Deyan Radev Financial Intermediation 2017Commercial banks, global banks, wholesale shocks, solvency shocks, transmission, internal capital markets
174Reint Gropp, Deyan Radev Financial Intermediation 2017Global banks, social centralization, bank integration, shocks, transmission
173Christel Merlin Kuate Kamga, Christian Wilde Financial Intermediation, Financial Markets 2017CDS, liquidity
172Massimiliano Caporin, Michele Costola, Shawkat Hammoudeh, Ahmed Khalifa Financial Intermediation, Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2017Systemic Risk, Risk Measurement, VaR, ΔCoVaR, Oil, Financial Institutions, Petroleum-based Economies
171Michael Donadelli, Patrick Grüning Financial Markets 2017Endogenous growth, Asset pricing, Government, Fiscal policy, Heterogeneous innovation
170Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell Household Finance 2016
169Max Groneck, Alexander Ludwig, Alexander Zimper Household Finance, Macro Finance 2017Survival beliefs; Ambiguity; Choquet expected utility; Dynamic inconsistency
168Guido Friebel, Marie Lalanne, Bernard Richter, Peter Schwardmann, Paul Seabright Law and Finance, Transparency Lab 2017Social Networks, Gender Differences, Trust Game
167Felix Noth, Ulrich Schüwer Financial Intermediation, Systemic Risk Lab 2017natural disasters, bank stability, non-performing assets, bank performance
166Monica Billio, Massimiliano Caporin, Roberto Panzica, Loriana Pelizzon Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2016CAPM, volatility, network, interconnections, systematic risk
165Giovanni Bonaccolto, Massimiliano Caporin, Roberto Panzica Financial Markets 2017Granger causality, quantile causality, multi-layer network, network combination
164Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell, Ralph Rogalla, Tatjana Schimetschek Household Finance 2017Annuity, delayed retirement, lifetime income, pension, early retirement, Social Security
163Giuliano Curatola, Michael Donadelli, Patrick Grüning Financial Markets 2017Technology Adoption, R&D Investment, Asymmetric Tax Regimes, Asset Prices
162Gabriele Camera, Alessandro Gioffré Money and Finance 2017cooperation, repeated games, social dilemmas
161Tobin Hanspal Law and Finance, Household Finance 2016Entrepreneurship; Small business; Personal finance; Financial crisis; Bank defaults
160Domenico Rocco Cambrea, Stefano Colonnello, Giuliano Curatola, Giulia Fantini Law and Finance 2016Inside Debt, Executive Compensation, Corporate Distress
159Monica Billio, Michael Donadelli, Antonio Paradiso, Max Riedel Financial Markets 2016Equity market integration, dynamic correlation, principal components, international diversification benefits
158Michael Donadelli, Renatas Kizys, Max Riedel Financial Markets 2016WHO alerts, investor sentiment, pharmaceutical industry, trading strategies
157Sophie Ahlswede, Steffen Meyer, Linda Urban Household Finance 2016household finance, field study, individual investors, reporting, investment mistakes, regulation
156Reint Gropp, Thomas Mosk, Steven Ongena, Carlo Wix Financial Intermediation 2016Bank capital ratios, Bank regulation, Credit supply
155Vahid Saadi Financial Intermediation 2016The Community Reinvestment Act, Mortgage supply, House prices, Homeownership
154Brigitte Haar Law and Finance 2016corporate governance codes, soft law, stakeholder, shareholder wealth, market enforcement, German corporate governance, supervisory board, incentive pay, severance pay caps, age limits
153Julia Hirsch, Uwe Walz Law and Finance 2016financing decisions, life-cycle, firm growth, newly founded firms
152Viral Acharya, Tim Eisert, Christian Eufinger, Christian Hirsch Financial Intermediation, Data Center 2016Unconventional Monetary Policy, Real Effects, Zombie Lending
151Fabrizio Lillo, Loriana Pelizzon, Michael Schneider Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2016Liquidity, jump detection, Hawkes processes, government bonds, MTS bond market, Quantitative Easing.
150Vanya Horneff, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell Household Finance 2016dynamic portfolio choice, longevity risk, variable annuity, retirement income
149Massimiliano Caporin, Aleksey Kolokolov, Roberto Renò Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2016Jumps, Return predictability, Systemic events, Variance Risk Premium
148Petr Jakubik, Sven-Thorsten Jakusch Household Finance 2016Utility Functions, Model Selection, Parameter Elicitation
147Andreas Hackethal, Sven-Thorsten Jakusch, Steffen Meyer Household Finance 2016Utility Theory, Maximum Likelihood, Individual Investors
146Andreas Hackethal, Sven-Thorsten Jakusch, Steffen Meyer Household Finance 2016Prospect Theory, Parameter Elicitation, Investors Heterogeneity
145Raphael Abiry, Christian Geppert, Alexander Ludwig Macro Finance 2016secular stagnation; demographic change; overlapping generations; natural rate; equity premium; growth; welfare; human capital
144Mario Bellia, Loriana Pelizzon, Marti Subrahmanyam, Jun Uno, Darya Yuferova Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2016High-Frequency Traders (HFTs), Pre-Opening, Opening Call Auction, Price Discovery, Liquidity provision.
143Peter Gomber, Satchit Sagade, Erik Theissen, Moritz Christian Weber, Christian Westheide Financial Markets, Systemic Risk Lab 2016Dark Trading, Fragmentation, Anonymity, Immediacy
142Nathanael Vellekoop Household Finance 2016Personality traits, Big Five, Locus of control, labor market, unemployment
141Brigitte Haar Law and Finance 2016law and finance, financial stability, financial contracts, structured finance, asset-backed securities, pari passu clauses, collective action clauses, otc derivatives markets, central counter parties, Basel III, Coco bonds, trust law, China
140Reint Gropp, Rasa Karapandza, Julian Opferkuch Financial Intermediation 2016Repeated Games; Asymmetric Information; Firms; Reputation
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The Effects of Contingent Convertible (CoCo) Bonds on Insurers’ Capital Requirements under Solvency II
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Financing Asset Growth
Financial Markets 2013
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