Prof. Dr. Uwe Walz

Prof. Dr. Uwe Walz
Program Area:
Corporate Finance, Data Center
SAFE Director, Professor
Goethe University Frankfurt
+49 69 798 34807
RuW 4.229
Author/s Title Research Area Published
Douglas Cumming, Uwe Walz, Jochen Christian Werth Entrepreneurial Spawning: Experience, Education, and Exit
Financial Review
Corporate Finance 2016
Researcher Project Category Status Project Duration Publication Count
Andrej Gill, Marius Liebald, Uwe Walz The Dynamics of (De-)Listing Decisions – The Impact of Regulatory Changes and Economic Policy Events in Germany 1870-1933 Corporate Finance Ongoing 2017 0
Stephanie Collet, Dennis Gram, Alexander Hillert, Marius Liebald, Uwe Walz Financial History Database: German Firm Data and Research 1920-1940 Data Center Ongoing 2018 0
Douglas Cumming, Marcel Grupp, Uwe Walz, Jochen Christian Werth, Sijia Zhang Venture Boards - Empirical Evidence from Venture Capital-backed Start-Ups in the U.S. Corporate Finance Completed 2015 1
Marcel Grupp, Christian Rauch, Uwe Walz Leverage in Private Equity: A Potential Source of Systemic Risk? Corporate Finance, Systemic Risk Lab Completed 2013 1
Douglas Cumming, Christian Eufinger, Andrej Gill, David Heller, Jan Krzyzanowski, Uwe Walz Banking structure and dynamics of small and medium sized enterprises Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions Ongoing 2016 1
David Heller, Jan Krzyzanowski, Uwe Walz Financing Innovation in Europe Corporate Finance Ongoing 2017 0
Tim Eisert, Christian Eufinger, Andrej Gill, Christian Hirsch, Uwe Walz Corporate Governance in Banks Corporate Finance, Transparency Lab, Systemic Risk Lab Completed 2013 1
Biljana Biljanovska, Guido Ferrarini, Brigitte Haar, Randall S. Thomas, Tobias Tröger, Uwe Walz, Charles K. Whitehead Corporate Governance of Financial Institutions – Does say-on-pay matter? Corporate Finance, Transparency Lab Completed 2013 1