BERD@NFDI (NFDI for Business, Economic and Related Data)

Project Start:04/2023
Researchers:Dennis Gram, Ina Krapp, Uwe Walz
Area: Data Center
Funded by:DFG

BERD@NFDI is an initiative to build a powerful platform for collecting, processing, analyzing, and preserving Business, Economic, and Related Data. The goal is to develop and maintain a future-oriented, powerful research data infrastructure in Germany. With its focus on the integrated management of unstructured data and related scientific software, and its clear commitment to openness (e.g., open software, open standards), BERD@NFDI can be seen as an important cornerstone in building the NFDI. BERD@NFDI will not only foster community building, provide publicly available and online accessible datasets, and improve data documentation and preservation guided by the FAIR principles. SAFE is one of the participants in this initiative.
Project duration: 6 years
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