Digitalization of the Financial System

Project Start:01/2020
Researchers:Kevin Bauer, Oliver Hinz
Category: Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center
Funded by:SAFE

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Author/sTitleYearProgram AreaKeywords
Kevin Bauer, Oliver Hinz, Christof Weinhardt, Wil van der AalstExpl(AI)n It to Me – Explainable AI and Information Systems Research
Business & Information Systems Engineering
2021 Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center

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No.Author/sTitleYearProgram AreaKeywords
287Benjamin M. Abdel-Karim, Kevin Bauer, Oliver Hinz, Michael Kosfeld, Nicolas Winfried PfeufferThe Economic Consequences of Algorithmic Discrimination: Theory and Empirical Evidence2020 Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center Algorithmic Discrimination, Artificial Intelligence, Game Theory, Economics, Batch Learning

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Kevin Bauer,
Oliver Hinz,
Patrick Weber
KI in der Finanzbranche: Im Spannungsfeld zwischen technologischer Innovation und regulatorischer Anforderung
White Paper No. 80