Developing Reliable and Globally Valid Measures for Economic Preferences – Worldwide Testing of the Global Preference Survey Module

Project Start:01/2021
Researchers:Michael Kosfeld, Zahra Sharafi, Maíra Sontag González, Na Zou
Area: Experiment Center
Funded by:Diligentia Stiftung

Falk et al. (2016, 2018) developed the so-called Global Preference Survey (GPS) to measure important economic preferences such as altruism, positive and negative reciprocity, risk preferences, time preference, and trust. The main motivation for the GPS is to create a survey instrument that allows researchers to collect representative evidence on these preferences across the globe. In this research project, we aim to replicate the full “experimental validation” by Falk et al. in several countries and continents – as a first step in Iran, China and Kenya. Our objective is to assess and then further develop reliable and internationally valid measures for economic preferences.

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