23 Feb 2023

SAFE researchers present projects on sustainable development of the financial sector in Berlin

At the kick-off-event for the research project "Sustainable Finance and Climate Protection", SAFE researchers give talks on their projects "Green Auto Securitisation" and "ClimLabels", funded by the initiative

The research project "Sustainable Finance and Climate Protection", supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the funding program "Climate Protection and Finance", gathers experts and stakeholders from academia, politics, and the financial sector on the topic of climate protection. The kick-off conference starts on 23 February 2023, where SAFE researchers will also present their work.

On the first day of the conference, Loriana Pelizzon, Director of SAFE’s Research Department Financial Markets, and SAFE researcher Max Riedel will present the "Green Auto Securitisation" (GAS) project. Together with the European Data Warehouse, the researchers develop a framework for a green financing mechanism to encourage the automotive industry, stakeholders, and consumers to support the financing of low-emission vehicles through bank loans.

"ClimLabels", a cooperative project of the Universities of Bochum and Münster, the think tank Climate & Company, and the Leibniz Institute SAFE, will also be featured at the conference. The project aims to improve the availability of climate-related information regarding investment decisions and is divided into four sub-projects. The researchers work on developing new ecolabels for financial products; so that information about the sustainability of a respective financial product becomes easily recognizable. Christine Laudenbach, Director of SAFE’s Research Department Household Finance, coordinates sub-project four: "Perception and Use by Private Investors", which examines, among other things, the influence of expectation updates on distribution decisions and the role of financial experts.