27 Apr 2020

Corona epidemic: households not very worried about economic and health situation

Representative survey does not confirm increasing economic fears

A regular survey of more than 7,000 households shows that concerns about their personal economic situation are less than current media coverage would suggest. This is the result of the Household Crisis Barometer of the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE, Nielsen-Frankfurt and the Chair of Finance and Economics at the Goethe University Frankfurt. In the latest survey, which took place between 17 and 20 April, almost three quarters of households (73 per cent) expect no changes in income in the coming six months. Less than a quarter say they are currently experiencing a loss of income caused by the measures to curb the corona pandemic. In addition, the share of respondents who are worried about their own health is declining compared to surveys conducted in the previous weeks.

The core element of the research cooperation is the evaluation of jointly developed questions that are asked every two weeks to around 16,000 of the 20,000 households on the Nielsen Consumer Panel. The large number of households continuously surveyed and the possibility of making the answers representative by means of statistical methods allow a representative picture of the economic situation, (consumer) behavior and expectations of the entire population. This is enriched by insights into actual purchasing behavior based on the purchases recorded for all households and by linking them to further research results and background information. 

Results, figures, and method of the current survey (German only)