Fiscal Institutions & Debt in Europe

Zugehörige publizierte Papers

Kunka Petkova, Alfons J. WeichenriederThe Relevance of Depreciation Allowances as a Fiscal Policy Instrument: A Hybrid Approach to CCCTB?
2020 Macro Finance
Johannes Kasinger, Lukas Nöh, Alfons J. WeichenriederZinsänderungsrisiken und langfristige Zinsbindung vor dem Hintergrund der hessischen Zinsswaps
Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik
2019 Macro Finance

Zugehörige Working Papers

295Besart Avdiu, Alfons J. WeichenriederFinancing Costs and the Efficiency of Public-Private Partnerships2020 Macro Finance Public-Private Partnerships, Infrastructure, Financing Costs, Default.
328Hoang Ha Nguyen Thi, Alfons J. WeichenriederC and S Corporation Banks: Did Trump’s Tax Reform Lead to Differential Effects?2021 Macro Finance Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, corporate taxation, S corporations, C corporations, banks
360Alfons J. WeichenriederA Note on the Role of Monetary Policy When Natural Gas Supply Is Inelastic2022 Macro Finance energy crisis, monetary policy, natural gas
389Stefan Goldbach, Philipp Harms, Axel Jochem, Volker Nitsch, Alfons J. WeichenriederRetained Earnings and Foreign Portfolio Ownership: Implications for the Current Account Debate2023 Macro Finance