SRB-FBF-SAFE Conference: Bank crisis management – what next?

Jointly organized by SRB, FBF and SAFE. Deadline for submissions 1 September 2021.

17. Nov 2021 13:00 Uhr
18. Nov 2021 17:00 Uhr

The Single Resolution Board (SRB), the Florence School of Banking and Finance (FBF) and the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE are organising an interdisciplinary academic conference, 

"Bank crisis management – what next?"
The event will take place in the afternoons of 17 & 18 November 2021 in a virtual format.

With the Global Financial Crisis now more than a decade behind us, and against the backdrop of a seemingly strongly recovering economy, this academic event aims to identify, and evaluate the successes and challenges of the post-crisis EU bank crisis management framework. How has the presence of new resolution tools, precautionary measures and regulations stood up in times of stress? Are we on a road to economic recovery that will also invigorate the financial sector? Or is the financial sector standing on a dangerous cliff edge that is yet to be recognised? What are the next steps in the journey towards a sustainable and stable financial sector in the EU and in other jurisdictions? These and more questions will be explored during the two half-day conference jointly organised by the SRB, FBF, and SAFE. 

The event brings together leading scholars, and policy-makers to discuss economic, financial, legal, political and public policy topics located at the cutting edge of financial stability and bank crisis management, both from a European and non-European perspective.

Scientific Committee (in alphabetical order)
Maria Ana Barata (EUI, FBF) 
Thorsten Beck (FBF)
Elena Carletti (Bocconi Univercity, FBF)
Robert DeYoung (University of Kansas)
Erietta Excharchopoulou (SRB)
João Granja (University Chicago)
Samy Harraz (SRB)
Jan Pieter Krahnen (Leibniz Institute SAFE and Goethe University)
Agnese Leonello (ECB)
María Nieto (Banco de España)
Loriana Pelizzon (Leibniz Institute SAFE and Goethe University)
Francisco Millan Rajoy (SRB)
Pierre Schlosser (FBF)
Tobias Tröger (Leibniz Institute SAFE and Goethe University)