Alessandro Gioffré, Ph.D.

Alessandro Gioffré, Ph.D.
Program Area:
Macro Finance, Household Finance
External Researcher, Research Affiliate
University of Florence
Author/s Title Research Area Published
Gabriele Camera, Alessandro Gioffré Asymmetric Social Norms
Economics Letters
Macro Finance 2017
Gabriele Camera, Alessandro Gioffré Game-Theoretic Foundations of Monetary Equilibrium
Journal of Monetary Economics
Macro Finance 2014
Gabriele Camera, Alessandro Gioffré A Tractable Analysis of Contagious Equilibria
Journal of Mathematical Economics
Macro Finance 2015
Researcher Project Category Status Project Duration Publication Count
Gabriele Camera, Alessandro Gioffré Microfoundations of Money Macro Finance Completed 2014 1
Alessandro Gioffré, Yuri Pettinicchi Risk Sharing and Lending: The Benefits of Repayment Flexibility Household Finance Ongoing 2016 1
Stefano Colonnello, Giuliano Curatola, Alessandro Gioffré Pricing Sin Stocks: Ethical Preference vs. Risk Aversion Financial Markets Ongoing 2018 0
Alessandro Gioffré Cooperation in Anonymous Societies Macro Finance Ongoing 2017 0
Giuliano Curatola, Ilya Dergunov, Alessandro Gioffré, Roberto Panzica Preference Heterogeneity, Non-Price-Taking Behavior and Asset Prices Household Finance, Financial Markets Ongoing 2017 0