The Impact of Unintended Discrimination in Financial Advice on Wealth Accumulation

Project Start:12/2023
Researchers:Markus Eyting, Florian Hett, Christine Laudenbach
Area: Household Finance
Funded by:Global Risk Institute (GRI)

The project investigates (mis)perceptions and stereotypes about different social groups and how they affect the process of investment advice. By developing and applying novel experimental techniques, the researchers aim to measure the existence and structure of misperceptions regarding investment-related characteristics and their effect on actual financial advice. While many studies consider "tastes" as a necessary prerequisite causing discriminatory outcomes, systematic misperceptions may lead to discrimination even if professionals give advice “to the best of their knowledge” and without bad intentions. Ultimately, misperceptions and stereotypes may thus constitute particularly subtle and hidden factors underlying differences in wealth accumulation across social groups.