Systemic Financial Risk Platform (SFRP) – A Platform for Presenting and Implementing Research on Systemic Risk

Project Start:06/2014
Researchers:Martin Götz, Christian Hirsch, Dominic Hirschbühl, Christian Mücke, Loriana Pelizzon
Category: Systemic Risk Lab, Data Center, Policy Center
Funded by:LOEWE


We aim to develop a new platform to enhance the knowledge base among researchers on the topic of systemic risk and systemic risk modeling in the financial sector. The platform aims to equip the international research community with ready-to-use tools and the necessary models and data to test and compare existing models and to critically assess measurements of systemic risk. The initiative, called “Systemic Financial Risk Platform” (SFRP), will improve the knowledge in this field, both at the theoretical and applied level.