Stability through Deliberation: Finance and Public Law

Project Start:06/2016
Researchers:Matthias Goldmann, Grygoriy Pustovit
Category: Financial Intermediation, Macro Finance
Funded by:Volkswagen Stiftung

The proposed project follows the hypothesis that the interaction between finance and public law over the past decades might have suffered from serious deliberative deficits. In order to mitigate such deliberative deficits in the future, it aims at sketching out a set of principles of finance and public law.

The interaction of finance and public law has not always run seamlessly in the past, giving rise to serious contestation (1.). A theoretical inquiry finds fundamental epistemic uncertainties in both finance and public law which might impair the interaction. At the same time, they raise the question whether a harmonious combination of democracy and a stable market economy is possible (2.). It is claimed that a deliberative approach to finance and public law enriched by insights from new research approaches in the social sciences and law might be able to better address the contingencies of both finance and public law (3.). In order to test this hypothesis and refine the deliberative approach, the project will provide a qualitative analysis of past interaction problems between finance and public law. The goal is to find out whether one can attribute those problems to deliberative deficits. Moreover, this section might also attempt to assess the impact of the identified deliberative deficits on financial stability in a qualitative manner (4.). On this basis, the project will ultimately elaborate principles for a public law of finance which might mitigate interaction problems and contribute to financial markets that are both stable and democratic (5.).

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