Real Effects of a Bank Liquidity Shock on Bank Lending Decisions and Corporate Investments

Project Start:07/2015
Researchers:Rainer Haselmann, Melissa Schultheis, Cornelius Veith, Beatrice Weder di Mauro
Category: Financial Intermediation
Funded by:DFG

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Author/sTitleYearProgram AreaKeywords
Markus Behn, Rainer Haselmann, Paul WachtelPro-Cyclical Capital Regulation and Lending
The Journal of Finance
2016 Financial Intermediation capital regulation, credit crunch, financial crisis, pro-cyclicality

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133Markus Behn, Rainer Haselmann, Thomas Kick, Vikrant VigThe Political Economy of Bank Bailouts2016 Financial Intermediation political economy, bailouts, state-owned enterprises, elections