Financial History Database: German Firm Data and Research 1920-1940

Project Start:01/2018
Researchers:Stephanie Collet, Dennis Gram, Alexander Hillert, Pantelis Karapanagiotis, Marius Liebald, Uwe Walz
Category: Data Center
Funded by:LOEWE

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Author/sTitleYearProgram AreaKeywords
Dennis Gram, Pantelis Karapanagiotis, Marius Liebald, Uwe WalzDesign and Implementation of a Historical German Firm-level Financial Database
Journal of Data and Information Quality
2022 Data Center informational systems, database design, database models, economic history, financial data, cliometrics,
Stephanie Collet, Caroline FohlinFrom Liberalism to Fascism and Back Again: Law, Politics and the Evolution of Corporate Governance in Germany (1850-1950)
The Emergence of Corporate Governance - People, Power and Performance (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group)
2021 Data Center

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300Dennis Gram, Pantelis Karapanagiotis, Jan Krzyzanowski, Marius Liebald, Uwe WalzAn Extensible Model for Historical Financial Data with an Application to German Company and Stock Market Data2021 Data Center