SAFE Policy Web Seminar: A "Game Changer" for Europe's Capital Markets?

02 Jul 2020 18:00 PM
02 Jul 2020 19:00 PM

The SAFE Policy Center organizes and cordially invites you to attend a web seminar on
A "Game Changer" for Europe's Capital Markets?

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Thomas Wieser (Chair of the CMU High Level Forum)

Katja Langenbucher (SAFE, Goethe University and CMU High Level Forum)

Niamh Moloney (LSE and Bank of Ireland)

Moderator: Jan Pieter Krahnen (SAFE and Goethe University)
The Capital Markets Union (CMU) is an essential element to enhance efficiency, to ensure financial stability and to erect a resilient and dynamic European economy post-crisis. Critical for its completion is a clear commitment to create a competitive environment, to build a robust infrastructure, to foster retail investments and to create a level playing field across the internal market. To reach the European Commission’s goal of creating a true single European capital market, the High Level Forum on Capital Markets Union (HLF) was established to propose targeted policy recommendations towards a completion of the CMU.

On June 10, the international group with experts from both industry and academia published its final report. In the report, the HLF proposes 17 “game-changers” to tackle the most serious barriers in the capital markets.

In the event, Thomas Wieser, chair, and Katja Langenbucher, member of the HLF, will introduce the report. Niamh Moloney, Professor at the London School of Economics, Board Member of the Central Bank of Ireland and widely acclaimed author on financial regulation, will start the debate, leading to an open Q&A session. Jan Pieter Krahnen will moderate the discussion.