28 Nov 2023

SAFE sends four candidates to the academic job market

Ph.D. students Ruggero Jappelli, Errikos Melissinos, Christian Mücke, and Rachel Nam are on the 2024 economics job market

This fall, four Ph.D. students from the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE will be entering the academic job market. After completing their doctoral studies, they will soon be available for job interviews.

Ruggero Jappelli’s main areas of research are theoretical and empirical asset pricing. His job market paper “Dynamic Asset Pricing with Passive Investing” reveals new results on the relationship between stock prices and economic fundamentals when investment decisions are increasingly detached from news. The paper received the Best Paper Award at the 6th Asset Pricing Conference hosted at Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin. During his Ph.D., Ruggero visited the Stern School of Business of New York University and worked in the research directorate of the European Central Bank.

Errikos Melissinos conducts research on monetary economics and asset pricing.
In his job market paper “Real Term Premia in Consumption-Based Models”, he analyzes to what extent consumption-based mechanisms generate positive and time-varying real-term premia. During his studies, Errikos worked as a Researcher Assistant at the Deutsche Bundesbank, where he was also a Visitor Researcher working with German micro-price data.

Christian Mücke focuses on Financial Intermediation, Financial Regulation, and Sustainable Finance. His job market paper "Bank Dividend Restrictions and Banks' Institutional Investors" analyzes how banks' dividend restrictions influence the behavior of banks' institutional investors, namely the dividend ban on euro area banks during the COVID-19 pandemic. He finds that banks’ institutional investors leave and do not come back. Besides working as a research assistant in the Financial Markets department at SAFE, Christian held a position as Consultant in the Macroprudential Policy and Financial Stability department at the European Central Bank.

Rachel Nam is a researcher in the areas of FinTech, Financial Intermediation, Household and Consumer Finance, and Decentralized Finance. Her job market paper “Open Banking and Customer Data Sharing” examines the impact of open banking on who can receive credit using data from a fintech lender. Open banking is conceived as a system that allows individuals to share their financial information securely with banks and other financial service providers, aiming to enhance financial transparency and improve access to services. Borrowers classified as “worse” are willing to share their data more frequently and thus, receive cheaper credit options. For this paper, Rachel Nam received the JFI/FIRS Ph.D. Student Paper Award 2023, the Best Ph.D. Paper Award at the Future of Financial Information 2023 conference (sponsored by BlackRock), the Best Paper in Digital Finance Award 2023 of the DGF German Finance Association, and was a finalist for the ECB Young Economist Prize 2023.

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