07 Aug 2020

SAFE participates in "Book a Scientist" of the Leibniz Association

SAFE researcher Charline Uhr answers consumer questions about investments

"Book a Scientist" is a kind of speed-dating with science and is being organized online this year on 18 August by the Leibniz Association, to which the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE belongs. In this event format, experts from the Leibniz Association from various scientific disciplines can be booked for a period of 20 minutes and interviewed on the respective topic.

For the format, SAFE scientist Charline Uhr will answer questions on finance and private investment. She offers an overview of investment opportunities and how recurring mistakes can be avoided. In doing so, Uhr specifically addresses the questions and problems that the participants in "Book a Scientist" bring up. Uhr is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Goethe University Frankfurt and SAFE and is a guest doctoral student at the University of Southern Denmark.

To book an interview with Charline Uhr or other researchers of the Leibniz Association from 50 other subject areas, please send an e-mail to veranstaltungenwhatever@leibniz-gemeinschaft.de, stating your name, topic, and time.

An overview of all experts and their topics can be found on the Leibniz Association's website.