SAFE mourns the death of Thomas Schäfer

We were shocked to learn of the sudden death of Thomas Schäfer. Our deepest sympathy now belongs to his family

During his many years as Hessen's Minister of Finance, Thomas Schäfer played a crucial role in helping to establish a powerful research landscape in the economic and financial sector in Frankfurt. In particular, he was associated with Goethe University’s House of Finance and several of its institutes, including the E-Finance Lab and the Institute for Law and Finance. He contributed in many ways to the creation of the LOEWE Research Center SAFE and finally the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE, where he was actively involved in the Board of Trustees and the Policy Advisory Council.

In Thomas Schäfer, we are losing a benevolent friend who, in particular in terms of professional debates, will always be remembered as a model of a responsible, judicious politician and warm-hearted person. We will keep an honorable and grateful memory of him.