19 May 2023

President of the Leibniz Association pays SAFE a visit

SAFE hosted Martina Brockmeier, President of the Leibniz Association, for an exchange with the institute’s staff as part of her tour to all Leibniz Institutes

Martina Brockmeier, President of the Leibniz Association, visited the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE on 10 May 2023 as part of her plan to visit all 97 institutes during her term of office. In an informal setting, she engaged in conversation with researchers and staff from SAFE, discussing her vision for the future of the Leibniz Association, the challenges she perceives in the scientific community, and the advancements made by SAFE since joining the Leibniz Association in early 2020.

In her address, Martina Brockmeier remarked: “During my initial months in this position, I have been greatly impressed by the ‘Leibniz spirit’ prevailing in the institutes of the Leibniz Association: a profound cooperative mindset that fosters the sharing and exchange of knowledge, embodying the essence of the Leibniz idea.” This spirit, she added, will also find expression through an innovative interdisciplinary pilot project known as the “Leibniz Labs.” Brockmeier elaborated: “While the Leibniz institutes possess an immense wealth of knowledge, translating it into practical solutions can often prove challenging. To address this, we have initiated the Leibniz Labs to harness and synergize our collective competencies.”

Martina Brockmeier giving her speech in the SAFE common room.
Martina Brockmeier, President of the Leibniz Association, with SAFE staff giving her speech.

Regarding SAFE‘s progress, the president affirmed: “It is the newest institute within our community, yet it has already achieved remarkable success and serves as a source of inspiration.” The nomination of a former doctoral student from SAFE for the prestigious Leibniz Dissertation Prize, as well as the accomplishments of Christine Laudenbach in the Leibniz Programme for Women Professors, serve as testament to the institute's scientific excellence, instilling confidence that SAFE will continue to make meaningful contributions to the Leibniz Association in the future, Brockmeier concluded.