Open Identity Summit 2022. Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.., by Roßnagel, H., Schunck, C. H. & Mödersheim, S. (eds.); pp. 75-86, 2022

Corporate Digital Responsibility and the Current Corporate Social Responsibility Standard: An Analysis of Applicability

Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) takes a key role in developing, deploying, and managing digital technologies, products, and services responsibly and ethically. New technologies offer new chances but also expose new threats, especially related to privacy and data security that managers need to cope with. CDR puts privacy and data security attempts in a broader context to provide a more holistic approach to Corporate Responsibilities and to strengthen consumer trust in corporate activities. However, managers still face a lack of CDR guidelines that support the implementation of CDR activities. Existing guidelines related to Corporate Responsibilities, like the ISO standard 26000, provide guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) addressing socially responsible and sustainable behaviour. However, current standards do not cover CDR directly. As such, the purpose of this contribution is to evaluate the applicability of the existing CSR standard to CDR to pave the way for CDR standardization in the future.