Stranded Assets, Financial Constraints, and the Distributional Impacts of Climate Policy (FAIRCLIP)

Projekt Start:01/2023
Forscher:Aoife Fitzpatrick, Konrad Lucke, Loriana Pelizzon
Bereich: Financial Markets
Finanziert von:Leibniz Competition

Political measures that aim to reduce the private transport sector’s greenhouse gas emissions may have different economic effects on individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds. These measures may, for example, reduce the value of emission-intensive used cars that are disproportionately owned by lower-income households. If climate protection measures pose a bigger burden on poorer households than on wealthier ones, this reduces their legitimacy and their acceptance. FAIRCLIP uses new data and quantitative tools from environmental economics, finance, and statistics to provide insight into who wins and who loses from the coming structural transformation in Germany. This will help to design distributional policies that mitigate adverse effects for the vulnerable and increase the social acceptance of the inevitable change
Partner institution: Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC)
Project leaders: Nicolas Koch, Loriana Pelizzon
Project duration: 3 years