Private Equity and Venture Capital: A Transatlantic Law & Finance Debate

Jointly organized by the LSE Law School and the Center for Advanced Studies on the Foundations of Law and Finance.

22. Jun 2022 13:00 Uhr
23. Jun 2022 19:10 Uhr

The LSE Law School and the Center for Advanced Studies on the Foundations of Law and Finance host the

Transatlantic Law & Finance Debate on Private Equity and Venture Capital

to be held online

Private equity and venture capital play a fundamental role in supporting long-term sustainable economic growth and therefore are fundamental components of any mature financial system. Policymakers around the world have accordingly sought to attract private equity and venture capital investments, while simultaneously attempting to mitigate some of the potential distortions associated with their business models. Yet, as the past 30 years of law and finance literature have made evident, determining the optimal institutional framework for private equity and venture capital investments is no easy task, let alone understanding how to address their shortcomings. This conference convenes global thought leaders in the field to take stock of the most recent advancements in the law and finance literature concerning these segments of the asset management industry with a view to promoting an interdisciplinary discussion between financial economists and lawyers from both sides of the Pond.

The event is sponsored by ECGI.

Program and registration

Rainer Haselmann (Goethe University, LawFin)
David Kershaw (LSE Law, ECGI)
Casimiro A Nigro (Goethe University, LawFin)
Tobias H Tröger (Goethe University, SAFE, LawFin, ECGI)
Simon Witney (LSE Law, Travers Smith London)