Prof. Dr. Tobias Tröger, LL.M.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Tröger, LL.M.
Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions
Program Director "Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance", Professor
Research Center SAFE, Goethe University Frankfurt
+49 69 798 34391
HoF 4.20a
Autor(en) Titel Forschungs­bereich Publiziert
Tobias Tröger Vertragsrechtliche Fragen negativer Zinsen auf Einlagen
Neue Juristische Wochenschrift
Financial Institutions 2015
Tobias Tröger Too Complex to Work – A Critical Assessment of the Bail-in Tool under the European Bank Recovery and Resolution Regime
Journal of Financial Regulation
Financial Institutions 2018
Tobias Tröger A Political Economy Perspective on Common Supervision in the Eurozone
Cambridge University Press
Financial Institutions 2015
Tobias Tröger How Special Are They? Targeting Systemic Risk by Regulating Shadow Banks
Cambridge University Press
Financial Institutions 2016
Tobias Tröger Regulatory Influence on Market Conditions in the Banking Union
European Business Organization Law Review
Financial Institutions 2015
Tobias Tröger The Single Supervisory Mechanism – Panacea or Quack Banking Regulation?
European Business Organization Law Review
Financial Institutions 2014
Tobias Tröger Corporate Groups – A German’s European Perspective
Mohr Siebeck
Corporate Finance 2015
Forscher Projekt Kategorie Status Projektdauer Publication Count
Luca Enriques, Tobias Tröger The Law and Finance of Related Party Transactions: A Comparative Analysis Corporate Finance Fortlaufend 2016 1
Ivelina Dimitrova, Martin Götz, Dominik Hirschbühl, Theresa Kreft, Tobias Tröger, Gerrit Tönningsen Bail-In Tracker Financial Institutions, Policy Center Beendet 2016 1
Rainer Haselmann, Lara Milione, Tobias Tröger The impact of structural reform proposals Corporate Finance Fortlaufend 2016 0
Biljana Biljanovska, Guido Ferrarini, Brigitte Haar, Randall S. Thomas, Tobias Tröger, Uwe Walz, Charles K. Whitehead Corporate Governance of Financial Institutions – Does say-on-pay matter? Corporate Finance, Transparency Lab Beendet 2013 1
Jens-Hinrich Binder, Theresa Kreft, Tobias Tröger Single Resolution Mechanism Financial Institutions Beendet 2014 1
Tobias Tröger Germany's Reluctance to Regulate Related Party Transactions Corporate Finance Fortlaufend 2017 0
Kai Jungbluth, Kosmas Kaprinis, Thomas Kelm, Katja Langenbucher, Tobias Tröger Household Finance: Legal and institutional framework Household Finance Beendet 2013 1
Tobias Tröger, Mark Wahrenburg Credibility of Resolution Regimes without Structural Reform of the Banking Sector Financial Institutions Fortlaufend 2017 0
Giuliano Curatola, Gustavo Grebler, Tobias Tröger Economically Rational Corporate Takeovers Corporate Finance Fortlaufend 2018 0