On December 1, 2014, Volker Wieland presented the annual report 2014/15 of the German Council of Economic Experts in a SAFE Policy Center Lecture.  More

Read more about the paradoxical effects of model-based capital regulation, the impact of weather on investor behavior and the regulation of CoCo bonds in the Q4 issue of the SAFE Newsletter.

In eleven new video tutorials on FAZ.NET, Andreas Hackethal explains how to find the right investment strategy in order to get more interest rates on your savings. More

On 17 October, the 2nd Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy brought together high-level speakers to discuss the functions and functioning of the shadow or "non-bank" banking sector.  More

SAFE Director Jan Pieter Krahnen: The discussion about ABS purchases by the ECB should be used to agree on minimum holding restrictions for the issuing bank.  More


Research Papers

No. Researcher Title Research Area Year Keywords
80 Enrique G. Mendoza, Linda L. Tesar, Jing Zhang Saving Europe?: The Unpleasant Arithmetic of Fiscal Austerity in Integrated Economies Macro Finance 2014 European debt crisis, tax competition, capacity utilization, fiscal austerity
79 Òscar Jordà, Alan M. Taylor The Time for Austerity: Estimating the Average Treatment Effect of Fiscal Policy Macro Finance 2014 fiscal multipliers, booms, slumps, output fluctuations, allocation bias, matching, Rubin Causal Model, average treatment effect, propensity score, inverse probability weighting, regression adjustment, local projection, identification
78 Harris Dellas, Dirk Niepelt Austerity Macro Finance 2014 Austerity, credit rationing, default, incomplete information, investment, growth, pooling equilibrium, separating equilibrium

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