Jun.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Thiemann

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Thiemann
Program Area:
Financial Institutions, Macro Finance, Financial Markets
External Researcher
Sciences Po Paris
Researcher Project Category Status Project Duration Publication Count
Jan Pieter Krahnen, Jun Li, Xu Liu, Loriana Pelizzon, Christian Schlag, Sascha Steffen, Matthias Thiemann Quantitative Easing and Financial (In)Stability Financial Markets, Macro Finance Ongoing 2016 1
Matthias Thiemann Shadow banking with an implicit government put Financial Institutions Ongoing 2015 1
Mohamed Aldegwy, Suramya Shukla, Matthias Thiemann Do Basel III and the Dodd-Frank Act reflect the academic debate on macro-prudential regulation Macro Finance Completed 2014 1
Jan Friedrich, Christian Hirsch, Matthias Thiemann Regulatory Competition and the Increasing Fragility of CCPs Financial Institutions Ongoing 2017 0
Matthias Thiemann The adaptation of off-balance sheet financing techniques in leasing after the financial crisis Financial Institutions Ongoing 2014 0
Edin Ibrocevic, Loriana Pelizzon, Sviataslau Sivagrakau, Matthias Thiemann A Genealogy of Systemic Risk Network Measures adopted by Regulators Financial Institutions, Systemic Risk Lab Ongoing 2016 1