About the Policy Center

The Policy Center is the second pillar of SAFE and complements the research areas. It aims at creating and maintaining a continuous dialogue with high-ranking policy makers in Europe, without giving up the neutral role of an academic institution. Both directions of communication – from politics to academia and vice versa – serve the purpose of overcoming the common separation of academia and the political realm in the area of financial market development.

In the face of the expected comprehensive legislative reorganization of the financial architecture in the coming years – partly in aftermath to the financial crisis, partly as a consequence of the challenges caused by European and global imbalances – a strengthening of the dialogue between policy makers and academia is urgent and of considerable importance for society as a whole. The SAFE Policy Center will contribute to this on the basis of state-of-the-art research with policy recommendations geared towards a sustainable development of financial markets, oriented on stability and growth.

The Policy Center uses a range of different methods and instruments. These include publication series, special working groups with high-ranking representatives from governments and parliaments, special trainings for staff from parliaments and governments in Wiesbaden, Berlin and Brussels, as well as a yearly conference which will critically appraise the advancements in financial regulation in Europe. All researchers active in the Policy Center follow a strict code of conduct and transparency to assure the neutrality of the Center’s policy advice.