Household Finance: Legal and Institutional Framework

Project Start:07/2013
Researchers:Kosmas Kaprinis, Katja Langenbucher, Tobias Tröger
Category: Household Finance
Funded by:LOEWE

merged with project 11333


The project explores legal household finance literature, legislative action and emerging judicial decisions both, in comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. Relevant literature has been collected, focusing on UK, US and Germany and an overview of relevant legislative endeavors (EU, German, UK, US) has been started. The area of household finance has not only been a long neglected topic in legal research, there is also strong and ongoing legislative activity all over the globe. Hence, there is much groundwork to be done and continued. Necessarily, first steps have consisted in collecting material.

Data collection is still in progress and will continue to be worked upon as most countries are still in the middle of legislative processes, EU directives are under work and considerable amounts of judicial decisions are pending. So far, the project’s focus has been (and will be) on developing a roadmap for legislative action including its underpinning theoretical premises, both from an economic as well as from a more policy-oriented viewpoint. Surprisingly, we found very diverse pedigrees of regulatory initiatives, e.g. more liberal, “free-market” oriented approaches versus more paternalistic, “nudging” legislators. Case studies as well as problem studies are under work in order to (i) understand the premises legislators make and (ii) work on tools in order to differentiate more promising legislative instruments from less promising ones.


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