Assessing the Impact of Mandatory Financial Guarantees in Individual Retirement Accounts on Saving, Work, and Retiree Wellbeing: The Case of German Riester Plans

Project Start:01/2017
Researchers:Vanya Horneff, Daniel Liebler, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell
Category: Household Finance
Funded by:LOEWE

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Vanya Horneff, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. MitchellHow will Persistent Low Expected Returns Shape Household Economic Behavior?
Journal of Pension Economics & Finance
2019 Household Finance

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263Vanya Horneff, Daniel Liebler, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. MitchellMoney-Back Guarantees in Individual Retirement Accounts: Still a Good Deal?2019 Household Finance individual retirement account, investment guarantee, longevity risk, retirement income, life cycle model

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