Bail-In Tracker

Project Start: 01/2016
Status: Completed
Researchers: Ivelina Dimitrova, Martin Götz, Dominik Hirschbühl, Theresa Kreft, Tobias Tröger, Gerrit Tönningsen
Category: Financial Institutions, Policy Center

The aim of the project was to create a tool that will provide extensive information on the debt portfolio of European banks and the level of bail-inable debt where bank creditors bear the burden in case of financial distress. The project team consists of academic researchers from the Research Center SAFE at Goethe University Frankfurt and journalists from the German newspaper Börsen-Zeitung. The so-called "Bail-in Tracker" is of high interest to financial industry watchers such as journalists, researchers, supervisors and regulators as well as the interested public.

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