Current Research Projects

ResearcherProjectCategoryFunded byProject DurationKeywordsProject IDPublication Count
Hendrik Drachsler, Oliver Hinz, Kristian Kersting, Loriana Pelizzon, Gernot Rohde, Yee Lee Shing, Tobias TrögerFrom Machine Learning to Machine Teaching – Making Machines AND Humans Smarter (ML2MT) Financial Intermediation, Law and Finance, Financial Markets Volkswagen Stiftung2023178101 1
Dennis Gram, Ina Krapp, Uwe WalzBERD@NFDI (NFDI for Business, Economic and Related Data) Data Center DFG2023218101 1
Andreas Hackethal, Bianca PutzCommunication Toolbox for Engaging and Aiding Women in Pension Planning (PENGAGE) Household Finance Leibniz Transfer 2023252101 1
Kamila Duraj, Daniela Grunow, Michael Haliassos, Christine Laudenbach, Stephan SiegelStock Market Participation - A New Approach Household Finance SAFE2023 1
Aoife Fitzpatrick, Konrad Lucke, Loriana PelizzonStranded Assets, Financial Constraints, and the Distributional Impacts of Climate Policy (FAIRCLIP) Financial Markets Leibniz Collaborative Excellence2023133104 1
Kevin Bauer, Victor Klockmann, Jan Zacharias, Alicia von SchenkDecentralized Feature Selection: Analysis of User Involvement in the Feature Selection Process of Machine Learning-based Systems Law and Finance, Experiment Center SAFE2022 1
Jakob Famulok, Michael Kosfeld, Christine LaudenbachLeading by Example – The Causal Effect of Credible Action by Local Government on Citizens’ Motivation and Beliefs about Others to Flight Climate Change Household Finance, Experiment Center SAFE2022232411 1
Markus Eyting, Florian HettDiscrimination - Bank of Workers Household Finance, Experiment Center SAFE2022232410 1
Kevin Bauer, Evgeniya Chabanova, Florian HettIdentity as an Excuse: Opportunistic Identity Management in Labor Markets Household Finance, Experiment Center SAFE2022232409 1
Andreas Grunewald, Victor Klockmann, Alicia von Schenk, Ferdinand von SiemensThe Mechanisms behind the Effect of Echo Chambers on Biased Beliefs Financial Markets, Experiment Center SAFE2022232303 1
Carmelo Latino, Loriana Pelizzon, Max RiedelGreen Auto Securitization (GAS) Financial Markets BMBF2022138108 1
Christine Laudenbach, Lena LiebichPersonalized Communication and Repayment Household Finance FIRM2022148105 1
Alperen Afşin Gözlügöl, Wolf-Georg RingeNet-Zero Transition and Mergers and Acquisitions of Carbon-Intensive Assets Law and Finance SAFE2022 1
Christine LaudenbachTransition Labels in Climate Finance: Perception and Use by Private Investors Household Finance BMBF2022148104 1
Kamila Duraj, Christine LaudenbachThe Gender Wealth Gap: Participation in Financial Markets Household Finance Leibniz Best Minds2022148103 1
Michael Kosfeld, Christine LaudenbachHeterogeneity in Investor Preferences for Sustainable/Green Finance Household Finance, Experiment Center SAFE2022143106 1
Dennis Gram, Alexander Hillert, Ina Krapp, Marius Liebald, Uwe WalzGerman Historical Firm-Level Accounting Database Data Center SAFE2022213102 1
David PoensgenStrategic Self-Deception in Repeated Interaction Financial Markets, Experiment Center SAFE2022232302 1
Julian Greth, Alperen Afşin Gözlügöl, Tobias TrögerThe Oscillating Domains of Private and Public Markets Law and Finance SAFE2022 1
Andreas Grunewald, Victor Klockmann, Alicia von Schenk, Ferdinand von SiemensThe Effect of Echo Chambers on Biased Beliefs Household Finance, Experiment Center SAFE2021Communication, Echo Chambers, Biased Beliefs 232408 1
Alperen Afşin Gözlügöl, Wolf-Georg RingePrivate Companies: The Missing Link on The Path to Net Zero Law and Finance SAFE2021private companies, climate change, sustainability, climate risks, brown-spinning 1
Fabian Braun, Andrej Gill, Florian HettExperimental Evidence on Socially Responsible Investments – The Role of Preferences and Information Household Finance, Experiment Center SAFE2021ESG; SRI; endogenous information acquisition; incentives; social preferences232407 1
Luca Bertalot, Monica Billio, Stefano Colonnello, Michele Costola, Aoife Fitzpatrick, Carmelo Latino, Konrad Lucke, Loriana PelizzonMainstreaming Transparent Assessment of Energy Efficiency in ESG Ratings (TranspArEEnS) Financial Markets EU-Horizion 20202021138106 1
Tino Cestonaro, Jonas De Paolis, Peter GomberThe Transferability of Price Patterns in Fragmented Equity Markets Financial Markets SAFE2021Market microstructure; Deep learning; Limit order book; Price formation; High- frequency data; Financial machine learning 1
Michael Kosfeld, Zahra Sharafi, Maíra Sontag González, Na ZouDeveloping Reliable and Globally Valid Measures for Economic Preferences – Worldwide Testing of the Global Preference Survey Module Experiment Center Diligentia Stiftung2021238101 1
Moritz Schularick, Niklas Kaspar ZimmermannInside the Credit Cycle: Bank-Level Evidence from 17 Countries, 1870-2016 Macro Finance SAFE2021 1
Sabine Bernard, Benjamin Loos, Martin WeberThe Disposition Effect in Boom and Bust Markets Household Finance SAFE2021 1
Sabine Bernard, Benjamin Loos, Martin WeberWaiting for the Gain to Come: How Variance and Skewness Shape Investors’ Selling Behavior Household Finance SAFE2021Selling Behavior, Disposition Effect, Retail Investor, Higher Moments of Return, Realization Utility 1
Gyozo GyöngyösiFinancial Crisis, Creditor-Debtor Conflict, and Populism Household Finance SAFE2021populism, far-right parties, political extremism, financial crisis, household debt, foreign currency debt 1
Andreas Engert, Alperen Afşin Gözlügöl, Tobias TrögerGauging the Impact of Related Party Transactions in Europe Law and Finance SAFE2020Related party transactions, Empirical legal studies, law and finance, private benefits of control173102 1
Kevin Bauer, Yan Chen, Florian Hett, Michael KosfeldSocial Identity Bias in Information Processing and Information Demand Household Finance, Experiment Center SAFE2020232405 1
Besart Avdiu, Patrick Blank, Matthias Goldmann, Eren Gürer, Johannes Kasinger, Alexander Ludwig, Farah Tohme, Alfons J. WeichenriederFiscal Institutions & Debt in Europe Macro Finance SAFE2020Public debt, federalism in Europe, fiscal policy153102 1
Andrej Gill, Florian HettExperiential Learning Through FinTech Applications Household Finance, Experiment Center SAFE2020experiential learning, goal setting, personal finance management, financial literacy, overconfidence232404 1
Farshid Abdi, Mila Getmansky Sherman, Emily Kormanyos, Loriana Pelizzon, Zorka SimonMarket Impact of Government Communication: The Case of Presidential Tweets Financial Markets SAFE2020 1
Christian Mücke, Loriana Pelizzon, Vincenzo Pezone, Anjan ThakorThe Capital Purchase Program and Board Appointment Financial Intermediation SAFE2020Bail Out, Board Appointments, TARP, Capital Ratio123104 1
Fabian Braun, Andrej Gill, Andreas Hackethal, Florian Hett, Michael Kosfeld, Christine LaudenbachHousehold Cash Management Household Finance SAFE2020Short-term and long-term consumption response to systematic income shocks, liquid hand-to-mouth, behavioral measurement, time preferences, bounded rationality, robust heterogeneity, structural behavioral, experiential learning, goal setting, financial li143104 1
Virginia Gianinazzi, Loriana Pelizzon, Marti Subrahmanyam, Davide TomioSecurities Lending and Quantitative Easing Financial Markets SAFE2020Quantitative Easing, Security Lending Facility, Repo Market133103 1
Julian Detemple, Michael KosfeldCollective Action and Institution Formation - The Role of Group Size Household Finance, Experiment Center SAFE2020232403 1
Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell, Sehrish UsmanSaving in Dynamic Life-Cycles Models Household Finance SAFE2020Household Finance, Individual retirement accounts, private and public pensions, Life-Cycle Portfolio Choice, Taxation, Financial regulation, Welfare analysis, Longevity Risk, Pan European Pension Product143101 1
Elsa Massoc, Tobias TrögerCrises, Anti-Finance Opinions and Populisms in Europe Financial Intermediation SAFE2020Crises, Public opinion, Finance, Policymaking, Populism123103 1
Ester Faia, Andreas Fuster, Vincenzo Pezone, Basit ZafarSelf Deception in Pandemics Law and Finance SAFE2020173101 1
Kevin Bauer, Oliver HinzDigitalization of the Financial System Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center SAFE2020Digital economics; Artificial intelligence; Human machine interaction; Algorithmic Unfairness; Hybrid human-machine behavior; Algorithms; Machine Learning, Decision Making;123101 1
Matteo Bagnara, Nicole Branger, Mariano Massimiliano Croce, Ilya Dergunov, Robert F. Dittmar, Volker Flögel, Holger Kraft, Tatyana Marchuk, Christoph Meinerding, Alessandro Pollastri, Paulo Rodrigues, Satchit Sagade, Christian Schlag, Norman Seeger, Michael Semenischev, Ivan Shaliastovich, Julian Thimme, Rüdiger Weber, Claudia ZunftRisk Pricing & Trading Financial Markets SAFE2020Market microstructure, asset pricing, macrofinance, sustainable finance, Green bonds, ETF, systemic risk, intermediary asset pricing133101 1
Sandra Eckert, Vincent R. Lindner, Christian May, Daniel Mertens, Andreas Nölke, Matthias Thiemann, Claudius WagemannEconomic & Monetary Union at a Crossroad Macro Finance SAFE2020"Economic and Monetary Union, monetary system, reform, political economy, bail-in, non-performing loans, fiscal policies, Eurobonds, fiscal transfers, trade imbalances, Euroexit,153101 1
Kevin Bauer, Andrej GillMirror, Mirror in the Wall: Algorithmic Assessments and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center SAFE2020 1
Elsa MassocBanking on States – The Divergent European Trajectories of Finance after the Crisis Financial Intermediation SAFE2019Banks, states, regulation, post-crisis, institutions123102 1
Wenhui Li, Peter Ockenfels, Christian WildeExperimental Asset Markets - Price Formation in the Presence of Ambiguity Financial Markets, Experiment Center SAFE2019Experimental asset markets, information transmission, price formation, ambiguity133102 1
Gyozo Gyöngyösi, Judit Rariga, Emil VernerThe Anatomy of Consumption in a Household Foreign Currency Debt Crisis Household Finance SAFE2019 1
Kevin Bauer, Florian HettIn or Out? In-Group Bias in Diverse Social Environments Financial Intermediation, Experiment Center SAFE2018Overlapping group affiliations; Pro-social behavior; Ingroup bias; Diversity management 1
Gyozo Gyöngyösi, Steven Ongena, Ibolya SchindeleThe Impact of Monetary Conditions on Bank Lending Households Household Finance SAFE2015 1