Heterogeneity in the Internationalization of R&D: Implications for Anomalies in Finance and Macroeconomics

Finance Research Letters, Vol. 26, pp. 132-138

Patrick Grüning
Research Area:
Financial Markets
Sep 2018
Heterogeneous innovation; Technology spillover; Endogenous growth; Creative destruction; International finance

Empirical evidence suggests that investments in research and development (R&D) by older and larger firms are more spread out internationally than R&D investments by younger and smaller firms. In this paper, I explore the quantitative implications of this type of heterogeneity by assuming that incumbents, i.e. current monopolists engaging in incremental innovation, have a higher degree of internationalization in their R&D technologies than entrants, i.e. new firms engaging in radical innovation, in a two-country endogenous growth general equilibrium model.

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