7th Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy: European Banking – Too Much Competition?

When:15 November 2019
Where:Festsaal, Casino Building, Campus Westend, Goethe University Frankfurt

Download the program (pdf)

A substantial number of European banks do not earn their cost of capital. This is particularly true in certain, highly contested business lines. Industries, displaying such characteristics, typical for overcapacities, are up for structural adjustment. They are not viable as they are unless they can rely on continuous subsidies. From a societal perspective, there are hence compelling reasons for restructuring, given that this would mitigate value destruction. Does that also hold for European banking? How could banks respond? Is this an issue of public policy, for supervisors, regulators and competition authorities? Is there a role for industrial policy? How does banking policy interact with monetary policy?  

The 7th edition of our Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy, taking place on November 15, 2019, will address a pertinent and highly contentious issue: are we faced with too much competition in the banking industry – too much from an efficiency as well as a stability perspective? What balance between efficiency and stability can be found?  

We will bring together policymakers, academics as well as industry participants. Our objective is to allow an instructive debate, to contribute to the public’s capacity to critically evaluate arguments and derive a judgment on policy initiatives proposed.  

We would be pleased to welcome you to this conference. A separate invitation, the program and registration details, will be sent out in mid-October.