SAFE Policy Lecture: Dirk Schoenmaker (Erasmus University)

When:18 February 2019
, 12:15
 - 13:45
Where:Room E.22, House of Finance

Title: Finance – a Tool for Sustainability

Speaker: Dirk Schoenmaker (Erasmus University)

Moderator: Hans-Helmut Kotz, SAFE and Harvard University

In an ideal (economic) world – without externalities or market failures – our economies would be on that vaunted dynamically stable trajectory. Sustainability would not be an issue. This is, most evidently, not the case: Climate change and its consequences, including the economic ones, are a major case in point. Can finance contribute a solution? For example, in finding an appropriate price for carbon emissions? Dirk Schoenmaker forcefully makes the affirmative case: Finance can contribute to a more sustainable world. Appropriately deployed, finance can be an effective means for achieving the common good – most importantly, a sustainable economy. 

Prof. Dirk Schoenmaker is Professor of Banking and Finance at the Rotterdam School of Management as well as a Senior Fellow at Bruegel, Brussels. Prior to that, he was Dean of the Duisenberg School of Finance as well as Professor of Finance at VU University Amsterdam. He also worked, inter alia, as Deputy Director for Financial Markets Policy at the Dutch Ministry of Finance and as Senior Analyst at the Bank of England. Prof. Schoenmaker has consulted with the IMF, the OECD as well as the EU Commission. He is a prolific writer, with amongst others, three textbooks to his credit. The latest one, co-authored with Willem Schramade, is the just published Principles of Sustainable Finance. Prof. Schoenmaker holds a PhD from LSE and a master’s degree from Erasmus.

Prof. Hans-Helmut Kotz is Program Director of the SAFE Policy Center, Goethe University, Frankfurt. Since 2010 he is a Resident Fellow at Harvard’s Center for European Studies as well as a Visiting Professor in the Economics Department. He is a Senior Fellow of the Center for Financial Studies since May 2010, with which he has been involved in numerous activities since the mid-1990s. Prior to joining CFS, Prof Kotz was a Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Bundesbank (between 2002 and 2010), finally in charge of Financial Stability, Markets and Statistics.

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