SAFE/BaFin Conference on Resolution Planning

When:26 September 2018
, 17:00
 - 19:30
Where:E.20, House of Finance

Event summary

Resolution Planning: Too Complex to Work or Cornerstone of a Stable Financial Architecture?

The Perspective of Regulators, Industry and Academia on Design Implementation

Download the program (pdf)

How should regulators deal with banks that are “too big or too complex to fail”? How does resolution planning impact business models of financial institutions? Does the new resolution framework make the banking system safer? How far advanced are preparations for resolution execution? Are there gaps in the resolution system, which should be addressed by the regulators? These and other questions are the basis of a conference that will bring regulators, academics and industry experts together in order to foster an in-depth dialogue on the merits and challenges of the implementation of the new EU resolution framework.

Moreover, this joint SAFE/BaFin conference seeks to intensify and strengthen knowledge on the part of public authorities, practitioners and academics.


Speakers and panelists include:

Svetlana Dimova (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), Martin Götz (SAFE and Goethe University), Manfred Heemann (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), Jan Pieter Krahnen (SAFE and Goethe University), Karen Kuder (Deutsche Bank AG), Christian Nowak (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), Thorsten Pötzsch (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), Sven Schelo (Linklaters), Tobias Tröger (SAFE and Goethe University)

Moderator: Detlef Fechtner (Börsen-Zeitung)

The conference will be followed by a reception sponsored by the Center for Financial Studies.