4th Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy "Challenged by Low Interest Rates"

When:28 October 2016
Where:Festsaal, Casino building, Campus Westend, Goethe University

Very low interest rates (and low asset returns more generally) have been an enduring legacy of the Great Financial Crisis. At the effective lower bound of rates, central banks were compelled to deploy non-standard measures. Large-scale asset purchase programs as well as a re-structuring of central bank balance sheets were simultaneously targeted at underwriting financial stability. Even so, economic perspectives have proven mediocre. An intractable/protracted stagnation appears to be a plausible medium-term perspective. This amounts to a very substantial challenge to monetary policy-makers, banks as well as asset managers.  

Goethe University’s SAFE Policy Center will devote its 4th Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy on October 28, 2016 to the topic Challenged by Low Interest Rates. Starting with a keynote and around three topical panels, the conference will bring together policymakers, academics as well as industry participants. Its objective is to allow for an open debate in order to contribute to the public’s capacity to evaluate arguments and put a judgment on policy initiatives proposed.

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Summary of the conference