SAFE Policy Center & Bruegel: Europe’s Single Supervisory Mechanism – a First Assessment

When:16 June 2016
, 10:00
 - 11:45
Where:Room E.20, House of Finance, Campus Westend

On November 4, 2014, Europe’s Single Supervisory Mechanism was launched. As a matter of fact, for Europe’s banking industry, that is, supervisees but also supervisors, the SSM had been in place ever since the comprehensive balance sheet review was contemplated and then, since the end of 2013, implemented. 

The SSM is part of an ambitious project: the three‐pillared banking union, comprising additionally a set of tools to handle banks in trouble, be it restructuring, downsizing or unwinding (i.e. market exit), as well as a harmonized deposit guarantee scheme. After 18 months, a first assessment of the SSM work and its challenges seems appropriate. The SAFE Policy Center and Bruegel would like to contribute to this debate with this workshop.


Panel Discussion 

Europe’s New Banking Supervisory Landscape - A Panel Debate 

Nicolas Véron (Bruegel and Peterson Institute) 

Dirk Schoenmaker (Bruegel & Erasmus University) 

Sascha Steffen (University of Mannheim & ZEW) 

Mark Wahrenburg (Goethe University) 

Hans‐Helmut Kotz (SAFE & Harvard University) 

Discussion with audience


Event report