Ph.D. Mini-Course on Financial Reporting, Regulation, and Stability

When:16 April 2015
  - 21 April 2015
, 14:00
 - 18:30


The SAFE Visitors Program is pleased to announce that Christian Laux is visiting SAFE during April 14th – 23rd. He is currently a Professor at the Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. During the stay, he will give a PhD mini-course on Financial Reporting, Regulation, and Stability“ and a research seminar on “Regulating Bank CEO Compensation and Active Boards”.

Research Seminar

Subject: “Regulating Bank CEO Compensation and Active Boards” (joint paper with Julian Kolm and Gyöngyi Lóránth).

Date: 15.4. Brownbag Seminar (Department of Finance)


Ph.D. Mini-course

SubjectFinancial Reporting, Regulation, and Stability


This mini-course, taught over two classes, covers the topic of Financial Reporting, Regulation, and Stability. The financial crisis of 2007‐2008 triggered a large debate about the role of financial reporting. The spotlight is on fair value accounting, but the debate includes timely loss recognition and disclosure of information. Understanding the theoretical arguments and empirical evidence is important for guiding financial regulation to foster finance stability. Even if you do not work in the area of financial regulation, a basic understanding of the principles of financial reporting and the links to financial regulation is important for empirical research in the area of financial intermediation. The course discusses principles of financial reporting, interaction with regulation, procyclicality, and empirical evidence on the role of financial reporting for financial stability. I will focus on my work with different coauthors in this area. However, if you work in this or a related area, I invite you to give a 30 minutes presentation of your work, followed by a discussion. Please send me a short Email with the topic if you would like to present a paper.


Session 1: Fair value accounting: procyclicality and the crisis of 2007‐2009

– Thursday 16.4. 2-6:30 pm in Room (HoF E.01) 

Session 2: Leverage: procyclical bank leverage; corporate governance

– Tuesday 21.4. 2-6:30 pm in Room (RuW 3.101) 

Faculty, graduate students, and researchers at Goethe University, as well as interested researchers from the area are cordially invited to attend at no cost. Registration is required online. 

Syllabus: download (pdf)

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