SAFE Workshop on “Say-on-Pay”

When:06 March 2015
Where:House of Finance, Campus Westend, Goethe University

Download the program (pdf)

Shareholder involvement in compensation decisions has evolved as the patent remedy that regulators choose to apply across jurisdictions when they aim to cure perceived deficits in executive pay. The latest add-on to this already impressive track record can be found in arts. 9a and 9b of the European legislature’s proposal for a revised Shareholder Rights Directive. However, this relative uniformity in the general approach should not disguise the considerable variation in the respective institutional arrangements. At least in part the observed differences can be traced to disagreement on say on pay’s merits in general and its adequate design in particular.

Against this background, the Research Center Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe (SAFE) brings together distinguished scholars from both law and finance in order to discuss topical research related to the subject. We cordially invite participants who are interested in the subject to enrich the discussion.